Dr Sandi Scheinbaum

What it Takes to Thrive as a Health Coach

This week I’m joined on the podcast by Dr Sandi Scheinbaum, Co-Founder and CEO of the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy (FMCA).  We talked about what it takes to thrive as a health coach and have a successful holistic business. {Click … Continue reading

Why You Need to Make Content Creation Simple

Making Content Creation Simple

Creating content for your business can easily become overwhelming and is something many practitioners struggle with.  By keeping your content creation as simple as possible, you’re more likely to be consistent with it, and that’s where the marketing superpower is. … Continue reading

How to Create Consistent Content Fast

How to Create Consistent Content – Fast

for Your Holistic Business Creating content as part of your marketing strategy is critical if you want to work online.  It will build your website authority and help you to be discovered.  Sharing regular content will allow you to demonstrate … Continue reading

how to grow a successful herbal medicine business

How to Grow a Successful Herbal Medicine Business

This week, I interview Vivienne Campbell, a Medical Herbalist who has built a successful herbal medicine business.  Her approach to creating a sustainable business with different income streams has allowed her to continue working during the pandemic.  She also kindly … Continue reading

How to Value Yourself and Your Services

How to Value Yourself and Your Services

Do you value the service you offer your clients?  It’s not unusual for therapists, coaches and holistic practitioners to undervalue themselves.  Often looking to offer their services for free or cheaply because they feel everyone has the right to health … Continue reading

How to Review Your Client Journey

How to Review Your Client Journey

and understand where to focus your marketing The way we work and market ourselves has dramatically changed this year.  It’s time to review your client journey and understand where you’re missing steps and where you need to focus your communication. … Continue reading

How to Stop Imposter Syndrome

How to Stop Imposter Syndrome

It was the morning of my book launch and I started to feel like an imposter.  Concerned that at any moment, someone will see straight through me. Who am I to write a book??? It’s not the first time I’ve … Continue reading