how to stop time running away with you

How to Stop Time Running Away With You

Some days it takes all day to do a certain task, another day it will only take a couple of hours.  How come similar jobs can take different times to complete?  I recently discovered this phenomenon has a name ‘Parkinson’s … Continue reading

bright shiny marketing syndrome

Bright Shiny Marketing Syndrome

Do any of the following resonate with you and your relationship with marketing? Bouncing around from one thing to another, you throw everything out there and hope something sticks You’re lured into trying out the next new marketing thing because … Continue reading

marketing with handwritten cards

Marketing With Handwritten Cards

It feels amazing when your clients rave about how you helped them and the results they achieved.  It’s even better to know someone was so impressed, they took the time to recommend you to their family and friends. Whilst saying … Continue reading

creating your vision

Creating Your Vision

Having a clear vision will help you define what sort of business you should build that works for you.  It’s one of the best things you can do for your business, but so often gets completely missed out.  Without a … Continue reading

journaling for productivity

Journaling for Productivity

I’ve been doing a short journal as part of my morning routine for a couple of years now.  It started with just downloaded whatever was in my head with some structure, but I never did anything with it.  It was … Continue reading

What is Authentic Marketing?

‘Being authentic’ is one of the phrases being banded around a lot, especially in marketing and personal branding.  What does it actually mean when it comes to marketing your complementary practice?  How do you market yourself ‘authentically’? To me, authentic … Continue reading

researching your clients

Researching Your Clients

One of the easiest ways to ensure your marketing connects with people, is by listening to your existing clients. By really understanding their dreams, hopes, struggles, fears and how they feel, you can tailor your marketing, to show how you … Continue reading