the power of 90 day goals

The Power of Setting 90-day Goals

for Your Therapy, Holistic Health or Coaching Business We’re just starting the second half of the year and as it’s been a bumpy ride for many practitioners.  Many of us have had to completely change the way we work with … Continue reading

How to Sell Holistic Services

How to Sell Holistic Services with Integrity

Selling isn’t something that comes naturally to most practitioners. Many feel it’s manipulative and sleazy and shy away from any selling. True, there are some people out there who shout and are pushy without even considering if you’re interested. Selling … Continue reading

the fastest way to find clients

The Fastest way to Find Clients

For your complementary therapy or holistic health business Many health and well-being practitioners have struggled over lockdown.  Many haven’t been able to work and others have had to adapt and completely change their approach. Whether you’ve had to reinvent your … Continue reading

how to change a scarcity mindset

How to Change a Scarcity Mindset

…to an abundant mindset We’re still in the middle of a global pandemic and there’s a lot of fear around.  People are worried about their family, their income, their job, their future and their health. Confidence is wavering and spending … Continue reading

how to network online during lockdown

How to Network Online During Lockdown

Networking for many practitioners is their number one marketing activity.  It’s all about building connection and relationships so a perfect fit for those of us working in health and well-being.  It’s also one of the faster ways to bring clients … Continue reading