Therapists Coaches and Healers

Are you struggling to find clients and make a living as a practitioner?

If you find yourself feeling…

  • Confused over where to start?
  • Overwhelmed at everything that needs doing?
  • Frustrated with your lack of results?
  • Scared of being visible and selling your services?

Building a business is one of the best and scariest things you can do.  It’s an emotional rollercoaster and will challenge your confidence, and bring out every doubt you have.

I’ll guide and support you to create a thriving, sustainable business whilst building your confidence along the way.  You’ll learn how to market yourself in a way that works for you, is filled with integrity and attracts clients to your door.

We’ll work together to simplify and structure what you need to do.  We’ll create your personalised plan of action - one that focuses on your individual strengths and available resources.  You’ll have the confidence and courage to take the action you need to create the practice of your dreams.


Schools and Professional Bodies

Supporting your students and members is your priority and offering training opportunities that enhance their development to create thriving practitioners is key.

Having worked with practitioners from many different disciplines, there are common reasons why they struggle:

  • Limited business and marketing skills
  • Lack of ongoing business support
  • Low confidence levels

Do you want to complement the professional training you provide with key business and marketing skills?

Would you like to provide your students and members with effective training on how to set up and grow a practice?

Do you want to provide additional income opportunities for your establishment?

My workshops and programmes provide you with the opportunity to enhance your current offerings with additional skills practitioners require to be successful.

Training delivery is flexible and can include workshops, seminars, conferences and online sessions to suit your needs and budget.

Let’s arrange a conversation to discuss how I can support your students and members.


Inna Duckworth

Medical Herbalist, MSc, MBA CPD Team Leader at NIMH

I met Helen at a 2-hour seminar for Medical Herbalists at the Institute’s Annual Conference. The material was well-timed and structured to give an overview of ethical marketing and where to find new patients. I particularly appreciated that Helen was very aware of the challenges and limitations of being an individual practitioner. The Institute invited Helen to create a tailored teaching program for Medical Herbalists.

The 6-week program that Helen developed specifically for NIMH members covered all the basics of modern ‘expert marketing’, such as: evolving a vision, choosing a niche, DIY branding, creating and delivering key messages via various channels of communication.

Helen was very practical, explaining everything and how to translate them into a personalised action plan.

Helen is very familiar with the challenges faced by individual practitioners and is very helpful in addressing them: for example, she uses a particularly user-friendly model of reviewing existing patients and understanding how to attract new ones without becoming a “pushy salesman”.