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Helping you to find customers and achieve the impact you aspire to, through your work.

How? By creating your own recipe for your marketing & business - one that's based on your values, strengths, skills & available resources.

Your success matters and I’m here to help! Let's have a chat so I can learn more about you and your business, answer your questions, and recommend your best next steps.


You’re passionate about helping your clients live happier, healthier lives, but you struggle to find enough clients to earn a living.

In the UK, the healthcare system is at breaking point, but there is a hugely underutilised resource in the form of complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) professionals.

Sadly, holistic practitioners like you are often the best-kept health and wellbeing secret. Marketing and business may not come naturally, and you often struggle to survive doing the work you love.

Whether you’re just starting out, or you want to grow your business, understanding where to start, or what to do next can be daunting. Running a holistic business and finding clients is a daily struggle and can leave you feeling exhausted and disheartened.

There's so much information out there - endless experts telling you to follow their formula - it's hard to know what to do, and who to believe.

I'm on a mission to change this – your clients need your support to transform their lives and health and I can help you reach them by marketing yourself in the right way. Would you like to learn how to build a holistic business that’s both ethical and sustainable?

What you really need is guidance, support, and your own recipe for your marketing, one designed for you, based on your values, strengths, skills, and available resources.

You can market yourself and find clients in a way that is ethical and full of integrity - let me show you how.

Photo of Helen Harding, a 52 year old smiling woman with mid lenght red hair sitting in her garden office holding a copy of her book


Holistic Practitioners

If you’re just starting out, or you’ve been going a while and struggling with your marketing, I’m here to support you. I will help you get clear about how you want to grow your holistic business and create your own marketing recipe for success.


CAM Organisations

Providing marketing and business skills for your customers as a CAM professional body, training establishment, or supplier. You support them to be amazing practitioners, and I will help them to succeed as holistic business owners.


Resources & Online Courses

A range of focussed resources to show you how to effectively market your holistic business. Whatever your requirement, experience, or budget, these are a great starting point if you’re not ready or looking for 1:1 support.


Your Holistic Business Recipe

Marketing and business doesn't come naturally for many holistic practitioners like you. If you struggle to find clients, make a living, and create the impact you want with your work - I'm on a mission to change this! My practical book will guide you to build a business that feels good and is sustainable.


Hello, I'm Helen!

I’m a chartered marketer, author, speaker, and content creator specialising in helping holistic practitioners find clients and succeed on their terms.

Having spent 14 years working full-time as a practitioner in health and wellbeing, I understand the joy of watching clients transform their lives and knowing the role you played in helping them. I also know what it takes to be successful. 

But it wasn’t always that way, whilst I had business and marketing skills – I’d always worked behind the scenes, shining the spotlight on others. The idea of me being visible was terrifying!

It took a lot of mindset work to build my confidence and trust in myself. I recognised that instead of trying to force my marketing and conform to the latest marketing trends, success came from creating my own recipe for my business.

It saddens me how many amazing practitioners stop working because they worry about being visible and aren't marketing themselves effectively. That's why I help practitioners like you create your own, personalised recipe for success - one that's as individual as you are.

Photo of Helen Harding, a 50 year old smiling woman with mid lenght red hair wearing a green jumper standing in front of a tree


Kate Hogan

Kate Hogan

Wellbeing Coach & Therapist

"Helen helped me to organise my time, set up easy systems for marketing and business development and crystallise my client offers. I feel so much more in control and motivated in my business. I've had a few new opportunities come in too as a result!"

Jame Wiltshire

Chief Executive

"Helen has spoken at our conference for the last four years and delivered interactive workshops both in-person and online. Her sessions went down so well with our attendees, and seeing the engagement with her topics has restored my faith in the hunger amongst herbalists to invest in their business skills."

Dolly Lushai

Medical Herbalist

"One of the things I said I wanted to see happen by the end of the year, was to get 5 clients through the door a week.
And sure enough, last week it happened, and I couldn’t believe it!"

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Specifically created for holistic business owners who want to make the impact they desire and succeed in a way that feels right.

It is a friendly and supportive community helping you to create your own recipe for your business and marketing and build your confidence along the way.

I'm on a mission to help amazing holistic practitioners step out of the shadows and succeed on their terms – are you ready?



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