Podcast 27: How to Market a Book

ethical marketing marketing podcast your holistic business recipe Aug 20, 2020
How to Market a Book

Whether you decide to self-publish or go the traditional route, you will still have to do a lot of marketing.  Today, I thought I’d share the strategies I’ve chosen to get my book out in the world.

These launch ideas on how to market a book will work for anything you decide to launch from a new service to a programme.  So, if a book isn’t on your to-do list, you will still get value from this article.

Offer for pre-orders

I wanted to give people a reason to pre-order my book.  I looked at what I could offer and decided to create a pdf guide and do a prize draw.

The guide is to help people make the most of their book and provide templates they can use and personalise.

The draw is about offering something above and beyond the value of the book. And, I wanted something useful for a practitioner at any stage of their business.  A power hour (a super focussed coaching session) seemed the best option as it is tailored to your individual needs.  I also added into the draw, a bundle of my favourite business/personal development books that have supported me.

Sales page

There is a page on my website that is just about my book.  It has all the information about the book, it shows visitors how to access their pre-order offers and a link to buy it.  This is the page I then link to from everywhere I promote the book such as an ad on my home page, emails, social media etc. The aim is to give everyone the information they need to decide whether the book is right for them.  Here’s my sales page.

Creating content

Planning out the content for my blog and podcast in the run-up to the launch has enabled me to pick topics relevant to the book. This has allowed me to talk about the book regularly and in different ways.  From there, it is simple for me to make my readers/listeners the offer to pre-order their copy.

Having this mapped out has helped me be efficient with creating content and ensure I’m consistent too.

Email signatures

A link to pre-order the book features in both my normal email signature and also in every email I send to my list.  It is a great way to make it easy for people to order without having to search too much.

Created a new lead magnet (pdf guide)

This has been created to attract people to my email list by giving them a useful guide and checklist.  It covers the 19 things they need to do when starting a health and well-being business which is linked to the topic of the book. It both helps me to grow my email list and enables me to make an offer to sell my book.  You can get your free copy of ’19 things to do’ here.

Social media

I’ve been consistently sharing and posting on my social media accounts letting people know about the book. I also tag the publisher and share their posts about my book to reach the widest audience possible.  This is doing my normal posting on social but with everything lead towards the book or discussing topics relevant to it.

When I receive the book, I have also been tasked to take a lot of photos which will also be used for my marketing.  Look out for photos of me unpacking it, reading it, having a coffee with it on the table next to me – you get the picture!

I also have friends and family helping out and liking, sharing and commenting on my posts.  The more engagement I can get, the better the posts will do, and subsequently the book.

If you don’t already follow me on social media – come and find me @helenhardinguk on FacebookLinkedInInstagram and Twitter.


Speaking is a great way to share your message with people who may be interested in what you do.  I’ve been interviewed on another podcast and will be looking to do more of these over the next few weeks.  I also have a couple of events lined up I’ll be speaking at which will give me the opportunity to share my book.

There are so many ways you can market a book and I’m only doing a handful. I’m one person so there is a limit on what I can do but as you’ll see, many of the elements support each other and there is a central theme running through them.  There is a lot more I could be doing but I also know, having a plan and working to it helps to keep me going and stops me from getting overwhelmed by everything.

You have to work out what your strengths are and what you have the capacity to do before you start to market yourself which is the whole principle of my book. You need to create your own business recipe.

Your Holistic Business Recipe – available now

A handbook created for CAM professionals who want to build a thriving, sustainable practice, their way.  Whether they are new or struggling, many find marketing and running a business overwhelming.  This book simplifies the process of business and marketing and supports practitioners in making the right choices for themselves.

Order your copy here.

Podcast 27 show notes:

  • 01:11 Create an offer for pre-orders
  • 02:12 Sales page on the website
  • 02:50 Creating regular content
  • 03:41 Links in email signatures
  • 04:15 Create a new lead magnet
  • 05:03 Social media
  • 06:42 Speaking opportunities
  • 07:20 Online book launch
  • 08:12 Keeping marketing simple
  • 09:24 Pre-order ‘Your Holistic Business Recipe’

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