Essential Ingredients for a Sustainable Health and Well-being Business

Your Holistic Business Recipe

The world desperately needs you and the healing work you do!

Sadly, for many holistic practitioners like you, marketing, and business don't come easy and you can struggle to find clients, make a living, and make the impact on health and wellbeing that you aspire to. I'm on a mission to change this - would you like to learn how to build a holistic business that’s both ethical and sustainable?



If you’re fed up with get-rich-quick schemes, blueprints, and formulas promising the earth, and not delivering, it is time to create your business, in your way.  Discover how to attract clients by creating your own holistic business recipe.

My practical book guides you through the considerations for setting up your business and marketing yourself to find clients and build a practice you’re proud of.

You’ll learn:

  • How to create the foundations for a thriving, sustainable health and well-being business
  • The business and marketing basics you need in plain English
  • How to select the right marketing activities for you to attract clients
  • Understand how to create your own marketing recipes you can repeat
  • How to make your dream business a reality

Designing your own recipe celebrates your strengths and utilises your available resources.  You are more likely to do the work and be successful because it is tailored to you.  This is your health and well-being business, and you are at the heart of it.


Step 1

Order your book directly with Aeon Publishing and get free delivery in the UK.

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Step 2

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Dr. Phil Parker PhD

Certified Master Trainer NLP, Designer of the Lightning Process and author of 4 books

"This book is full of the essential ingredients to help guide and support complementary health care professionals build successful compassionate businesses. Helen demystifies and unlocks the world of business-speak and transforms it into holistically identifying the needs of those who practice and those who seek complementary medicine. It is a person-centred approach to success!"

Anita Ralph MSc MNIMH MCPP

Medical Herbalist and Heartwood Tutor

“Helen brings her expertise in marketing, coaching and NLP to provide an in-depth practical guide that solves the questions and challenges you might meet on your journey to having a thriving and financially successful holistic practice. Essential reading for both those starting out and those wanting to take their practice to the next level.”

Why Trust Helen…

I’m a chartered marketer, author, speaker, and content creator specialising in helping holistic practitioners find clients and succeed on their terms.

Having spent 14 years working full-time as a practitioner in health and wellbeing, I understand the joy of watching clients transform their lives and knowing the role you played in helping them. I also know what it takes to be successful.

But it wasn’t always that way, whilst I had business and marketing skills – I’d always worked behind the scenes, shining the spotlight on others. The idea of me being visible was terrifying!

It took a lot of mindset work to build my confidence and trust in myself. I recognised that instead of trying to force my marketing and conform to the latest marketing trends, success came from creating my own recipe for my business.

It saddens me how many amazing practitioners stop working because they worry about being visible and aren't marketing themselves effectively. That's why I help practitioners like you create your own, personalised recipe for success - one that's as individual as you are.

Helen Harding