Simplify Things by Letting Go

business ethical business mindset planning productivity May 26, 2022
Simplify Things by Letting Go

For me, simplifying things often means I need to let go of something.

Over recent months, I’ve gotten back to simplifying areas of life and business, inspired by re-reading ‘Essentialism’ by Greg McKeown. I’m amazed at some of the benefits I’m seeing already, especially in my energy and motivation.

My biggest decision was to stop working as a holistic practitioner myself. This was huge after 14-years of helping clients with their health and wellbeing. Not only because of my commitment to my clients but also because of the investment in both time and money it took me to train and maintain my skills. I really battled with letting this go.

Have you noticed that you sometimes struggle with letting things go?

Whether it’s an area of your business like me, or even possessions, people, anger, habits, etc., holding onto them when it’s time to move on will keep you feeling stuck and out of alignment. It also creates a constant reminder by keeping the situation or person in question close to you, when the answer to moving on, is letting go.

By letting something go, you create space.

Instead of doing more and more, review what you’re doing and determine what’s essential, and what it’s time to let go of?

Check out these ideas to help you let go of anything you need to:


Become aware of anything that you're holding onto that is stopping you from flourishing. These can be in any area of your life or business and will be taking up your time and energy.

They will often show up in the stories you tell yourself about the situations.


Reflect on what is really going on here and understand how it's affecting you. Give yourself the space and time to understand whether it’s useful for you and the consequences of maintaining it, or letting it go.

Do whatever works best for you whether it’s meditation, getting out into nature or journaling - allow yourself time to quieten your busy mind and reflect.


Recognise that history is what it is and doesn’t have to define your future. Just because something was right for you in the past, it doesn’t mean it is in the future. Acceptance will allow you to start freeing yourself from anything that’s no longer a good fit.

Make a plan

Start to work through the things that are no longer right for you – one at a time. Don’t try and let go of everything at once, start with something and the momentum of your achievements will build and help to keep you motivated as you go.

Create a simple plan of action for yourself and work out what your first step is - and take it! The first step is often the hardest but once you’ve taken it, you’ll start to gain momentum.

Let go

Hold a mini ceremony to give you closure on what you want to let go of. Decide what’s the best thing for you symbolically, for example, have a party, share your intentions with your coach or trusted friends, visualise them floating away, or write them down and burn or shred them.

Be kind

Show yourself compassion in making the right choices for yourself. Being kind to yourself will allow you to flow through the changes you are making, rather than trying to fight your way through, it’s a much easier journey.

Get help

If you’re feeling stuck in your holistic business, I can help you navigate the situation, understand your options and support you to move forward – let’s talk.

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