How to Write a Leaflet for Your Holistic Business

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How to Write a Leaflet for Your Holistic Business

A practice leaflet is a traditional way of marketing your services.  Many practitioners overlook them in preference for today’s online world.  Others create a leaflet only to have them sit gathering dust and never getting picked up by potential clients.

A leaflet can be a great marketing opportunity if you do it right.  Technology has brought the price of creating and printing them right down, making them a cost-effective form of marketing your practice.

You can still share a leaflet in our online world as a pdf so people can save or print them for themselves.

Mistakes to Avoid

Making the leaflet all about you

Clients do want to know about you, but it has to start with them.  Having you at the front and centre of your leaflet will put people off from picking it up in the first place unless they are specifically looking for you.

Having your logo as the main feature on the front cover

Whilst your brand or name is important to you, it isn’t the first thing a potential client is looking for and won’t mean anything unless you’ve already got a local presence.  What does ‘Being’ (my first trading name as a practitioner) mean to someone who is looking for help with sleep?  Nothing!  And yes, I made this mistake 

Making it all about your discipline

People often won’t understand or know the discipline they’re looking for, know they are looking for a solution to their problem.

Bad design

For a professional look, the ideal is to have a designer create your leaflet.  If you don’t have the budget, use a simple template and keep the overall look (colours, photos, fonts etc.) in keeping with the rest of your brand.  This way, if someone checks out your website, there is a common look and feel to it.

Bad copy

Again, this is where it pays to keep things simple from the message your sharing to the language you use.  Get a friend to proofread your copy to make sure they understand it and there are no glaring errors.  Avoid having big blocks of copy with nothing to break it up and make it easy to read and more interesting to the eye.

General leaflets

The temptation to create a leaflet that covers lots of different issues may appear like a good idea but it is unlikely to be effective.  Who looks for a practitioner who can help out anyone with anything above someone who specialises in helping with their particular issue?

How to Create a Leaflet That Works

This is where the advantage of having a niche comes into its own.  Being able to describe who your client is and how you can help them is priceless.  The ability to target your marketing to specific people will help you to attract their attention and attract them to your services.

Be helpful

By creating a leaflet that helps your potential client with a specific issue, you will demonstrate you understand their needs and your expertise in this area.  Do this by providing useful information such as: ‘top tips for X’ or ‘how to Y’.  You want to create something linked to your discipline and use this as a stepping stone to introducing you and your services.

Imagine someone has trouble sleeping and they are faced with a wall of leaflets all shouting for their attention.  Are they going to pick the one that is titled ‘hypnotherapy’ or are they going to pick the one that offers ‘how to improve your sleep naturally’?

If you have a blog, creating a leaflet is a great way of repurposing some of your content.  Select a popular article or one you feel is relevant and use this as the basis for your leaflet.

Introduce your services

Whilst the majority of the leaflet is about providing useful information, keep space to introduce yourself.  Write a short bio including a photo and brief details of how you work.   Include the type of results your clients achieve and a testimonial if you have one.

Tell them the next step

Tell people how they can work with you and include your contact details.

Have more than one leaflet

If you cover different niches, create a different leaflet for each one as they will be relevant to different people.  This will help your potential clients to discover that you understand them and their needs and can help them.

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