How to Take Action in Your Holistic Business

business ethical business mindset productivity Jun 30, 2022
How to Take Action in Your Holistic Business

Does it feel like you blinked and suddenly you’re halfway through the year – again?

Before you knew it, the time had flown, and you still haven’t started the important projects you’d planned in January.

Taking action is the difference between those who are successful, and those who plan to be - but never quite get there.

It’s time to stop thinking, dreaming and planning and start doing! The skill of getting things done is a skill you can cultivate and it will help you to be successful.

Often, taking action means you also need to have the courage to face your fears, but the rewards will be worth it. The fear will soon dispel as you act and start achieving.

Perfection and procrastination have gotten in my way far too many times over the years. Planning was my go-to way of putting off finishing anything. I had to work really hard on the fears that were bubbling behind this pattern to move forward. Now I know when fear comes up, it’s because I’m doing something that’s stretching me, and I work through it, but it took practice and support to get t this place.

So here are my thoughts on how to take action in your holistic business.

The perfect time never arrives

If you’re waiting for the perfect time to start something, you could find yourself waiting a long time. So, forget about perfect timing and instead choose good enough timing. Set yourself an achievable timescale to work to and complete your project.

Stop overthinking and just do it

Do you have an idea that has been floating around your head for ages? Have you noticed the longer you contemplate that idea, the less likely you are to act on it? It’s like you lose motivation, the longer it hangs around, other things take their place.

Think about someone you know who is brilliant at taking action. This person is a doer - notice if they have an idea, and how they respond to it. The way they chunk the idea down into smaller steps and start acting on it straight away. Use them as a role model and decide your first step to act on your project and become a doer too.

Address your fears with action

Have you noticed the thought of doing something is often worse than doing it? These fears stop us from acting, so recognise them, acknowledge them, and take a step anyway. Talking out loud to your fear in a coaching way can help so say something along the lines of, “I hear you, but I’m going to do this anyway”.

Once you start acting, the thing you were worried about will soon be a distant memory, and you’ll be confidently moving forward.

Know your distractions

With today’s fast pace of life, it is easy to get distracted sometimes for hours with social media, smartphones, emails etc.  It’s easy to use these distractions to avoid acting on the important things as they keep us feeling like we’re very busy, but it’s in a very unproductive way.

Recognise your distractions and create a strategy to stop them from sabotaging you. For example, check your emails and social media three times a day instead of every few minutes, or put your phone on aeroplane mode while you’re doing focused work and only check it when you take a break.

Get support

Having someone keep you accountable is one of the best ways to keep you taking action. Find your person or people who will help to keep you motivated and working on your priorities will help you succeed. This can be a business buddy, coach-mentor, mastermind group or a Facebook community.

The difference it makes to achieving things by telling someone else and making a commitment is huge so make sure you have your support network around you and helping you to take the right action.

If you struggling with this, I can help you to start taking the right action and start thriving - let’s talk.

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