11 Places to Find Inspiration for Your Marketing

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11 Places to Find Inspiration for Your Marketing

When you have a website or social media accounts, you must keep them fresh by consistently adding new content. You know you should be creating videos, writing articles, creating graphics, etc. regularly, but it can be challenging.

When it comes to creating your content, do you ever find yourself sitting at your computer and staring at a blank screen? You get side-tracked by on social media and before you know it, you’ve been sitting there for an hour and still nothing.

Although it’s best to have your marketing planned in advance so you know what you’re creating and when - in reality, it doesn’t always happen that way! Sometimes you need to create content on the go, so here are my go-to sources for marketing inspiration when I need ideas.

This will work whether you write, create videos, updates for social, podcasts, basically any marketing where you are creating helpful information for your favourite clients.

Client questions

Make a note of the questions you get asked on a regular basis and answer them in your marketing.  Questions are a great way of generating relevant content for your audience.  If you’re being asked, Google is being searched for the same terms.

Share your stories

Tell your personal stories and allow people little insights into your world.  You don’t have to share everything, and some things are meant to stay private, but people want to get to know you and telling stories is an incredibly powerful way to do this.


I read quite a bit and will often turn the corner of a page where there is a brilliant insight or something that I can use to generate content for my audience. I’ll often start a post sharing I’d been inspired by reading a book and name it and the author. You could also do a book review if you’ve recently read something you think would be great for your favourite clients.

Social media and Pinterest

Look for a quote or infographic that prompts you to write about the topic. Use it as inspiration and create your piece from your own perspective on the idea, adding in your own experience and knowledge.


Keep a reference folder of interesting emails. They’ll be from different people and businesses, but the common thing is, they all contain a snippet of information that’s sparked your interest. Use these to kick start an idea and see how it develops as you personalise it to you and your audience.

Awareness dates

Awareness dates are a brilliant way to inspire your marketing and help you reach a wider audience by using the associated hashtags - and there are thousands to choose from, in health and wellbeing. I have a new freebie for Spring 22 of 100+ awareness dates if you want to grab your copy.

Update and repurpose old content

You could freshen up an old article that’s in your archives and bring it back to life. If you wrote something a few years ago, your approach will have evolved, and you may have a completely different view on a topic.

There are lots of ways you can get value from your existing content by re-purposing it into a different format:  Take your top tips on something and turn it into an infographic. Read an article and record it creating a podcast. Make a video or do a live stream – the options are endless.

Reviews and comparisons

People love a review.  How often do you look at the reviews on something before you decide to buy? You can review your favourite products and services and provide comparisons to the other options available.

Facebook groups

These are great places to find ideas or ask for inspiration. Look at the different topics being discussed, find one you have an opinion on and would be interesting to your clients and use that for inspiration.

If you’re in groups full of your ideal clients, look at the questions they’re asking and answer them in your own content.

Client stories and case studies

People buy people and there is nothing more powerful than the personal stories of your clients. These demonstrate their journey and how life has changed for them since working with you. You can ask clients for their stories, or you could interview them and record or write them for your marketing.


What’s happening in the news that you can discuss from your perspective and the service you offer?

Keep a list

Inspiration is all around you! You just need to have it on your radar and start noticing what you could use. Start a list in one place and as soon as you have an idea, write it down. Then, when you come to create a piece of content, you’ll have numerous ideas to choose from.

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