Wrapping Up Your Year

It’s scary to think we’re nearly at the end of the year.  If like me you feel it went by in a flash, how about taking some time out to reflect on your year as a complementary practitioner?

When you think of the past year in your business, how was it?  Did things run smoothly or were there challenges along the way?  We all know, running your own business can be a bit of a rollercoaster ride.  We can easily get caught up focusing on what went wrong and miss out the good bits altogether.

You can also do this exercise for your whole year rather than just your business, it’s up to you.

wrapping up your year

Summerise your year

Luckily this is where my journal comes in handy.  If you don’t have one, run through the year and make a note of the key events and points in your year.

Create 3 lists

On separate sheets of paper (or use your chosen format of you’re not old school like me) write the following headings:

Using your calendar of key events, make a list of everything you can think of on its respective page.  Don’t spend time editing what you write, just start by getting it all out of your head.  You can review the lists once you’ve finished.

The highs

Spend time re-visiting this list and allow yourself to re-engage with each of the high points.  Remember how you felt and add in as many details you can remember about each time.  Use all your senses to experience how great you felt.

The lows

Take a little time to address the lows, but don’t spend ages engaging with how you felt.  Instead, consider what you can learn from the experience.  Recognise if there was something about the situation that you could have done differently.  You can use this awareness as a point of reference, should a similar situation arise in the future.

Once you’ve learnt what you need to know, it’s time to make peace with or accept the lows so you can move forward.  By constantly thinking about the lows, you will keep yourself stuck.  Use your preferred method (EFT, journalling etc.) to make peace with them and move on.

Things to let go

Think about the things (or situations, or people) which have held you back or got in your way this year.  Make a list of everything and decide which you want to let go of to make next year amazing.  This post will help you to let go of things.

Finish on a high

Now go back to your highlights from the year and enjoy re-connecting with them again.  Decide which of these you can do more of next year and add them into your plans.

If you need help with your plans for next year, contact me for a chat.

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