Why You Need Business Cards for Your CAM Business

And how to create a business card that works

Business cards are a traditional form of marketing that often gets shunned in today’s online world.  I’d argue they should be part of your basic marketing kit, especially if you are building a local practice.

Why You Need Business Cards

4 reasons to have a business card

1. They are a low-cost and portable way to advertise your services and raise your profile.

2. Use them to share your contact information easily. You can meet a potential client at any time and a card will ensure they know how to find you.

3. Help you to stand out and be remembered when meeting people in person.

4. Can help create referrals as other people can share them on your behalf

Your business card should represent your brand

Often, a business card is the first impression someone will get of your brand.  The look and feel of your card are communicating directly to the person receiving it.  They will form an opinion on you and the quality of your service based on how professional it is.

Make sure your business cards are in keeping with the rest of your branding.  Use your logo, fonts and colours consistently with the rest of your marketing.

As a complementary practitioner, you are your brand.  Using your photo is a great way to be remembered, as humans, we are designed to remember faces.  Use the same photo you have on your website and social media pages to help you be remembered.

If you have the budget, get a professional graphic designer to create your brand and do the artwork for your business cards.  If you don’t read my article on creating a brand on a budget.

What to include on your business card

Only include the information you need and don’t feel you have to include every last detail. Make use of both sides of your cards by adding your photo and your marketing message.  This will help people to remember who you help and how you help them.  Read my article on creating your marketing message here.

Keep the card as simple as possible and make sure everything on it has a purpose.  Details you can include:

Designing your business card

If you have a graphic designer, brief them to create your artwork so it works with your branding.  There are online services available to have business cards designed such as fivrr but you are taking a chance on the quality of the design so read the reviews first.

You can create your own artwork using Microsoft Publisher, Pages if you have a Mac or online software such as Canva.  You can create something from scratch or use one of the templates and insert your own information.  Many of the online printers also provide templates you can personalise as part of their service.

Decide on the size and shape of your business card.  Whilst doing something different will help your card to stand out, an unusual size, shape, or material will add to the cost of producing it.


Technology allows you to have small numbers of business cards printed at a low cost.  If you’re not used to ordering and specifying print, find examples of cards you like and speak with your local print shop.  Alternatively, if you are using an online service, request a sample of what you’re ordering so you can feel the quality and make sure you’re happy with them.  Solopress is the printer I use, and they send out a very useful free sample pack which will help you decide on the best material and finish for your cards.

There are endless choices of materials and finishes when it comes to business cards from smooth to heavily textured and everything between, white or coloured card, gloss varnished, matt laminated, die-cut, foiled, embossed etc.  If you aren’t aware of the options, a sample pack will help you to work out what you like.  As a side note, if you want people to be able to write on your card, avoid varnished finishes.

Another option is to buy printer card and print them at home yourself.  I would only recommend doing this as a last resort as the quality is often poor and the card is very thin.  Your business card is often the first impression someone has of you, so you want to make it good.

Why You Need Business CardsBusiness cards may be old-style marketing, but they are still a powerful tool for your complementary practice

If you’re struggling with marketing your business, contact me to find out how I can help you.