What Are You Waiting for?

Waiting for something to happen is a great way of procrastinating and keeping yourself stuck.  Then, once the first thing’s achieved, something else quickly replaces it.  Sound familiar?  If you constantly wait for something to happen, you’re sabotaging your chances of thriving as a complementary practitioner.

what are you waiting for

Waiting till you’re ready

Reality check – you’re never ready!  You think you’ll be ready once you’ve done this course, or know this thing, or conquered this technology, etc.!  At some point, you must take the leap, or you’ll always be waiting.

Waiting for perfection

There is no such thing as perfect!  So why is it so many of us strive for perfection?  It’s a guaranteed way to stop you from achieving your potential and creating the business you want.  If you struggle with perfection it will kill your business, check out my article on being perfectly imperfect.

What’s the worst that can happen?

The fear of failure is a big one!  You spend your time imagining how you will fail dramatically and how shameful it will be.  People will say “I told you so” and you’ll be found out for who you really are.  Running these thoughts repeatedly will stop you from ever stepping up and achieving your potential.

What do you want?

Consider what it is that you actually want.  Describe what you want to achieve using positive language and big, descriptive words.  This will give your brain absolute direction about where you want to go, instead of looking over your shoulder at what you’re trying to move away from.

What’s the best that can happen?

Visualise the journey of the project (or whatever you’ve been waiting for), through all the steps, right to the end.  How great will it feel when you finish?  Imagine the sense of achievement you will get and how it will move your business forward.

Every time you tell yourself the story of how everything goes wrong, change it to the new one, reminding yourself of what you want and rehearsing the good scenario instead.

What’s your first step?

Once you’ve identified what you want to achieve and how it will feel, break it down into achievable steps.  Now decide on your first step and do it now if possible.  If not, commit to when you will get it done and book it in your diary.


Find someone to keep you accountable.  This can be in a mastermind group, with a business buddy or with a coach.  Make sure you have someone who will call you out if you’re getting in your own way and will also help celebrate the big and small wins.

Set daily goals

Setting just three goals for the day will help you to focus and prioritise the most important tasks.  It will also help to keep you from being overwhelmed at everything you haven’t done yet.  And bonus, if you get through them quickly, you’ll have time to tackle additional tasks or take a well-earned afternoon off.

Track your progress

We often lose sight of the things we achieve because of all the things left on our constantly growing to-do list.  Keep track of what you do achieve on a daily and weekly basis to see your progression.

One option is to get yourself a notebook (I don’t need an excuse to buy stationery) and start to write down your achievements.  You don’t have to limit this to your work, you can include achievements in your home, health etc., basically anything important to you.

It will help you see your progression and give you something to refer to if you’re having a wobble.  You’ll also be able to see if you’re doing better in one area than another which may need addressing.

Be kind to yourself

No more beating yourself up and being a hard taskmaster.  It’s time to start treating yourself with the kindness and compassion you give to others.  By stopping the battles with yourself, you can start to flow which will make it much easier for you to navigate any obstacles.  Read my article on finding your flow.

If you want to find out how working with me will help you to move forward in your business, contact me for a chat.

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