What Are You Avoiding in Your CAM Practice?

Avoiding doing something may give you a temporary release from feeling uncomfortable, but it isn’t going to solve the issue in the long term.  You may feel ignorance is bliss and if you ignore something, you won’t feel bad.  You can just bury your head in the sand!

Not facing up to the reality of something will just cause more stress.  The longer it goes on and the longer it takes to address, the more you stand to lose.

Before you know it, you get stuck, weighed down by the problem and you may even feel like giving up altogether.  By addressing the fears, you can work through them, take action and move forward.

What Are You Avoiding in Your CAM Practice

We all have things we want to avoid, this very post was prompted by a few of mine!  As small business owners, we have to wear many hats in our business whether we like them or not.  Some don’t play to our strengths but making peace with them and learning to take action anyway will make life much easier.  I call these the ‘necessary evils’.

Reality check

What is the situation or job you’re trying to avoid?  What aren’t you facing up to?  You can’t change anything unless you know what you are changing.  It may be you don’t have enough clients, or it could be your website is a mess and you don’t know where to start.  Avoiding them won’t make the problem go away, it will only make it worse.

Why are you avoiding things?

Wanting to avoid things comes from fears you have around yourself and your business.  Let these fears win and your potential to thrive will be lost to your overactive imagination.  Some common fears include:

What are your avoidance habits?

Be aware of your habits which are allowing you to avoid things in your business.  For example:

What are the consequences of continuing?

what are you avoiding in your CAM practiceWhilst it may be a slow progression, there are long term effects of avoiding a situation.  Most people don’t get into debt overnight, it happens over a long period of time.  Most practitioners don’t suddenly fall out of love with their business, it takes years of struggles.

It’s far too easy to get stuck thinking everything will be ok if you ignore something, but it’s not going to go away without something changing. Consider:

What do you want?

Think about what you really want to achieve in your business.  Remember the vision you had for your business when you were excited about it and training to be a practitioner.

What’s your first step?

Imagine being in the future and having the business of your dreams.  Ask yourself what the first step is to move towards it.  See the benefits of taking the steps, making the changes and doing the scary work.

Once you have taken the first few steps, the next ones will get easier and easier.  You will soon be surprised how far you have travelled.

Track your progress and celebrate

Keep track of the progress you make and celebrate each step.  Recognising every win, even the small ones will help to keep you motivated.  Monitoring will help you quickly recognise when you start to wobble a little and can take the necessary action required to get back on track.  This is much easier than to fall so far down the hill, you feel you have another mountain to climb.

A great way to keep you progressing is to have accountability.  Whether that is with a business buddy, a mastermind group, or a coach, let them know what you are changing and give them permission to challenge you if needed.

Acceptable avoidance

Though avoidance is usually unhelpful, it can sometimes be reasonable to avoid advice or information for the right reason.  In situations where you know, it won’t influence your choice or if you know that there’s nothing more you can do.  At times like these avoiding advice and additional information will save you stress and time.

It’s important if you choose to selectively avoid things, you make it a conscious decision because it’s of benefit to you, rather than because you’re afraid of having to deal with something.

If you find yourself struggling with avoidance, contact me for a chat to find out how I can help you.

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