Using Social Media to Build a Local CAM Practice

Social media is here to stay and love it or hate it, it is an effective way of marketing your local practice.  It is a constantly changing environment and can be overwhelming so when starting out with your business, keep things really simple.

Ultimately, social media platforms want to provide their users with the best experience and use algorithms to work out what to deliver to them based on what is popular and engaging.  Engagement will affect whether your posts are shown to more people or not.

Using Social Media to Build a Local CAM Practice

One platform at a time

When starting out, focus on one platform and get really good with that before branching out onto others.  If you are not familiar with a new platform, spend time getting to know it and understand how it works and how people interact there. Your choice of platform also needs to be where your favourite clients are, there is no point marketing yourself somewhere they will not see you.

Using Social Media to Build a Local CAM PracticeConsistency

Getting a following on social media is a long-term strategy, takes work and you have to commit to being consistent to get results from it.  When you start out, it will help you to get the support of family and friends and ask them to comment on and like your posts.  This will help the algorithms understand you produce content that is interesting which will help them get shown to more people.

Build your email list

Avoid building your whole business on a social media platform as you are in effect building your online home on rented land.  If the rules change, you have no control and could suddenly find your page or profile removed and you are left with no way of contacting your connections.  Make sure you also build your email list so you can contact people directly should the worse happen.

Consistent brand and message

When you set up your page or profile, make sure it fits with your brand and that you include a photo of yourself.  People want to connect with other humans, and you are using social media to raise awareness and engage with people. Ensure your information makes it clear who you help but also gives a sense of you as a person.  You do not want it to be so generic it could be any other practitioner in your discipline’s profile if you simply changed the name.

Have a plan

Decide what you are trying to achieve from the platform, so you have a plan of action rather than just chucking information out there.  What is the point of the information you are sharing?  Everything you do should inspire, educate or entertain your audience and you want to be posting things people want to keep seeing.  Having your list of the topics you post on will help you decide what is right for you to share.

Using Social Media to Build a Local CAM PracticeStart conversations

Remember people do not want to have conversations with brands, they want to speak with other humans. Whatever you do, do not connect with someone and then try to sell to them immediately as this will have the opposite effect.  Be social and be helpful.  Find others with similar audiences to you and start to comment and like the information they are sharing.

Respond to comments

If someone spends time and energy commenting on your posts, make sure you respond to them.  It will make them feel valued and help you to build a connection with them.

If you want help planning your social media, contact me to book your discovery call.