Unfinished Masterpieces – Resurrecting Projects

I love decluttering, I find it therapeutic and a little addictive.  I enjoy the process of transforming something from feeling cluttered and overwhelming to being spacious and organised.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a wardrobe or a desk full of files, I like sorting through things and finding the forgotten gems.

Recently I cleared my office shelves as I wanted to create a nice backdrop for calls and videos.  Scarily, I discovered projects I’d started years ago, got a chunk done, but I hadn’t finished them.  I’d literally shelved them and moved on.

The sad thing is, they never achieved their potential and were sitting quietly, gathering dust.  I surprised myself at the interesting work in there.  I even found a few additions which will fit perfectly in my book.

There were usually valid reasons why the projects came to a halt and all too often life had got in the way.  I’d end up working in my business to keep things going and not on it.  It was the big scary projects which suffered.

My frustration is realising just how much more I would have achieved if only I had FOCUSED on one big project at a time.  Even with life throwing me challenges, if I’d returned to project A before moving onto B, C and D, at least one if not two would be out there now.

resurrecting projects

Instead, I have a number of started projects but at least now I know what I have, and I can resurrect them if appropriate.  Some of my plans this year include elements from old projects which will provide the foundations to build on.

Resurrecting projects

Dig out any projects you started but never finished.  Is there something you want to pick up again?  Keep your client at the heart of the decision, does it fit with who you help and the results you help them get or have things changed?

Review them and decide if they are an absolute yes and fit with your current business.  If not, let them go and archive or delete them to get them off your radar again.

Plan and prioritise

Write your plans down and work out which project is your priority and that becomes your focus.  Work out the steps you need to take and break down the project into achievable chunks.

Keep everything else safe in a file until you’re ready for it.

Keeping accountable

Work out the best way to keep yourself accountable and moving forward with your project.  A few ideas are, find an accountability buddy, join a mastermind group, or hire a coach to help keep you on track.

A great book to help you to focus is ‘The One Thing’ by Gary Keller with Jay Papasan.  I’m re-visiting this book currently to reinforce the way I want to work this year with my big projects.

resurrecting projectsIf you need support with your big projects, contact me to find out how I can help you.


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