Time to Let Go

What do you need to let go of in your in order to give your complementary business the space to flourish?

Instead of doing more and more, how about looking at what you’re doing and see what’s essential and what it’s time to let go of?

time to let go

I started simplifying different areas of my life and business, inspired by reading ‘Essentialism’ by Greg McKeown.  I’m amazed at some of the benefits I’m seeing in terms of time, energy and income.

Until recently, I ran separate websites for my work as a practitioner and my work as a marketer.  I knew I was making a lot of work for myself just trying to keep them updated, not to mention the associated social media platforms.  I also felt I was sending out mixed and potentially confusing messages.

I desperately needed to simplify what I did.  If I felt things were complicated, what were my potential clients thinking???

I made the decision to create a personal brand and not hiding the marketing part of me behind Garlen Complementary.  Once I’d made the decision, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders but I still had resistance which got me thinking.

What was going on now?  I realised because I’d put so much work into building both sites, it felt like stopping one meant I’d wasted so much work and money.  This was what I had to address in order to let go of Garlen Complementary and be visible as myself.

Have you noticed that you sometimes struggle with letting things go?


Whether it is possessions, people, anger, habits, holding onto them when it’s time to move on can keep you feeling stuck.  It also creates a constant reminder, keeping the person or situation in question feeling very close to you, when the answer to moving on, is letting them go.

I’ve known people who’ve stayed angry towards another person for decades.  The ‘villain’ in the situation has moved on with their life, completely unaware of the stress caused.  The upset caused by ruminating over the past and what was, is a guarantee for feeling bad.

By letting something go, you allow space for the new.  By keep re-living what has been, you will keep yourself immersed in the past.  Which would you rather?

Check out these ideas to help you let go and move on:


Become aware of things that you are holding onto that are stopping you from moving on.  Reflect on what is really going on here.  Get a different perspective by imagining you’re a fly on the wall watching the situation and view it as an observer and not a participant.

Take time out

Give yourself the space and time to reflect on what you need to let go of.  Whether you do this with a little quiet time and meditate, or go for a walk somewhere peaceful, allow yourself time to quieten your busy mind.


Recognise that history is what it is and doesn’t have to define your future.  Acceptance will allow you to start to free yourself from your shackles.

Let go

Work through the things that you have been holding onto that are no longer useful to you.  Let go of the stories you have been telling yourself about the situations that have been keeping you stuck.

Hold a mini ceremony to give you closure on what you want to let go of.  Decide what is the best thing for you symbolically, e.g. visualise them floating away, or write them down and burn or shred them.  Whatever works for you.

Create a simple plan of action around what you want to change and decide on your first step.  Now take it!

Be kind

Show yourself compassion in making the right choices for you.  Being kind to yourself will allow you to flow through the changes you are making, rather than trying to fight your way through, it’s a much easier journey.

time to let go

If you’re feeling stuck in your business, a coach will support you in making the right decision and start to move forward.  Contact me to find out how I can help you.

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