This Time Next Year…

Where do you want your complementary practice to be this time next year?

Have you found yourself floating along from one day to the next with no real sense of direction?  It’s so easy to get caught up in the day to day work and forget about growing your practice.  Before you realise, another year has passed and you’re in the same place as last year!

Imagine if you start driving with no destination in mind, you could drive around in circles or get lost miles from where you started.  By knowing where you want to travel to, you will go in the right direction.  From time to time you may go off course – maybe you stop for lunch, or there’s a diversion.  This awareness will help you adapt your route and back on track quickly.

Now is the time to set a destination (or goals) for your business so you’re travelling in the right direction next year.  First things first, review the last year so you have a starting point, read how here.

this time next year


Love it or hate it, it’s important you understand your finances:

Enlist the help of your accountant, bookkeeper or financial planner if you need to.

Products and services

Provision of services

You, your team and clients


Something as simple as a checklist can save you time, energy and reduce the chance of errors.  They are particularly useful for repetitive tasks, or for handing them over to someone else.


Social responsibility

Is anything really important to you and your business in terms of social responsibility?  This could be working within your local community, the environment or supporting a particular charity you want to include in your business for next year.

Now what?

Now you have thought about your business going forward, start to build up a picture of how you want it to look this time next year.

If you’ve done your vision, use that to help you decide where you need to be next year.  If you haven’t, find out more about setting your vision here.

Use whatever feels right for you whether it is a whiteboard, mind map or post-it-notes, get really clear about what you want.  How will your business look and feel this time next year?  What will your turnover be?  What will you be offering clients?  How many hours will you be working?

Now summarise this into two or three clear goals for the coming year and make sure they’re SMART:

Make the goals exciting, something you really want to achieve rather than just going for the boring, obvious goals.  For example, I want to increase my turnover to £X by the 31st December.  This will give you the figures but add in the reason for that goal such as ‘so I can increase my salary to £X’ or ‘to donate Y to charity’.

You now have set the direction for your business and they will help keep you from floating along aimlessly.  Write them down somewhere that you can see them – writing them down increases the likelihood you will achieve them significantly.  If you find yourself wandering, look at them and decide whether what you’re currently doing is moving you towards your destination or not.

If you struggle setting goals for your complementary practice, contact me for a chat to find out how I can help you.

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