Taming Your Inner Critic

We all talk to ourselves but the important thing is, what are you saying?  How much of the time are you being kind, compassionate and supportive to yourself?

There are times when your inner voice provides a little reality check and this is designed to help you reflect and if necessary, make adjustments to motivate you to move forward.

The problem occurs, when this inner voice becomes a mean critic and is excessively negative and destructive.  It will sabotage your life both personally and affecting your confidence to thrive as a complementary practitioner.

taming your inner critic

If you spoke to your friends the way you speak to yourself, would you have any?

Your inner critic shows up in the way you talk to yourself, making negative statements and unrealistic demands, and knocking your confidence out from under you.

One of the tell-tale signs is, you find yourself constantly comparing yourself to others, thinking that everyone is so much smarter, thinner, more successful than you.  For more on being stuck in the comparison trap, check out this article.

Another is, you get stuck in a perfectionist cycle, constantly trying to achieve more and never appreciating where you are and what you have achieved.

You may also find yourself feeling like an imposter.  Your inner voice is shouting “you’re a fraud” or “you’re going to be found out”, check this article on the imposter syndrome.

All of these strategies set you up for failure!  Constantly thinking you’re not good enough and keeping you stuck.

Taming Your Inner Critic

See it as just a thought

By recognising that this is just a thought it will lighten the comment.  Just because you have a thought, it doesn’t mean that it’s true.  You can then decide if the thought is useful.  You and choose to let any go of any that aren’t serving you.

Recognise your qualities

What are your best qualities?  What are the things you can recognise about yourself that are good or you’re proud of?  Use these to respond to your inner critic when it pipes up.  Continuously reinforce the aspects of you, that you accept as true.

Give your inner critic a name

And the sillier the better so anytime it starts, you can think to yourself “oh here GRIMBLE goes again!” – this will help you to stop taking it so seriously.

taming your inner critic

If you struggle with your inner critic, a coach will provide a great voice of reason and help you to tame your inner critic.  Contact me to find out how I can help you.