The Power of Surveys and Polls for Marketing

Online marketers are using polls and surveys to help them engage with their audiences.  Polls tend to be one simple question and take seconds to respond to.  Surveys generally have more questions and will provide more detailed results.

The information gained helps the marketers to break their market down into segments of similar people.  This then allows them to personalise messages and offers which makes their marketing far more powerful.

surveys and polls for marketing

We can adopt this idea to help us market our practices and build relationships with clients and potential clients.  Surveys and polls are a great way to understand and engage with people.  They can help you create solutions, test ideas, build interest, launch products and grow your email list.  Ultimately, they can help you find more clients.

Simple polls

People absolutely love to share their opinion.  Polls provide you with an opportunity to start conversations and build relationships.

Social media platforms provide you with an easy way to set up polls.  You ask a single question and provide a selection of answers which the respondent can do in seconds.

Single question survey

You can combine the idea of a poll and survey by asking a single question but giving people the opportunity to reply.  They can have options of answering with an A, B or C if they are short on time, but they’re invited to share their thoughts on the topic.

You could ask your audience to pick their favourite design for something you are working on or to help you decide on a topic for your next video or blog.  Ask any questions as long as they are relevant to you, your work and your brand.

This is a great way to start conversations and collect information at the same time.  Having good engagement on your posts will be rewarded by the social media platform algorithms.  They will see you are interesting to your audience so they will increase your visibility.

When someone comments, reply and start a conversation with them.  Getting people talking and interacting with you is the best way to build relationships.  Use this as an opportunity to point them in the right direction for useful information, continuing the conversation offline or to make them an offer.

An online marketer who is particularly good at this is Janet Murray.  When speaking at an event, rather than just posting she was appearing which wouldn’t get engagement, she used a question.  She asked her audience whether she should wear a pink or blue dress.

This question got tons of comments and let people know where she was speaking.

Online survey software

There are lots of survey software and many have free versions.  I use Survey Monkey which allows you to create a survey where you can ask open-ended questions or provide multiple choice answers.  Once set up, you have a link which you can email or share on social media to collect answers.  Once finished, you can download all the information to analyse the responses.

Open-ended questions will give you the specific words your clients use to describe their problems.  Knowing their language is absolute gold for your marketing.  You can use them in your communications to demonstrate you understand your clients and their needs.

Online surveys are great, but they do take effort to complete.  Some people are put off responding as they think it will take a long time.  Keep them short and make sure people know they are only 3 questions long or will take 2 minutes to complete.

If people take the time to respond, it shows they are interested in you and they are more likely to become clients.  They are great people to follow up with to get them on your email list and to make offers to.

One to one

Arranging a conversation whether in person or by phone is a great way to understand the struggles your clients face.  You will also get to know their language and how they describe their challenges for your marketing.  Read my article on researching your clients for more details on how to carry out these surveys.

Good practice

Before you start any survey, ask yourself why you are doing it and what you want to achieve.  Having a goal and knowing what you want to discover from your survey will help you create one that is fit for purpose.

Keep your survey as short and as simple as possible.  People are busy and the last thing they need is to get stuck answering a barrage of questions.

surveys and polls for marketingShare results where possible as people love to know their opinion is valued.  This is done automatically on many of the polls on social media.  If you can’t share results straight away, make sure you thank people and reinforce you value their opinion.

If you want to start creating surveys or polls for your marketing, contact me to find out how I can help you.