Supplement Your Income

You don’t have to provide, produce or create everything you sell to your clients.  You can help your clients by offering them products and services that complement your work.  These can be provided either be by being an affiliate for a trusted brand or retailing suitable products yourself.

supplementing your income with products

Affiliate marketing

This model is used a lot by online businesses, but it doesn’t have to be limited to online.  In essence, you promote a trusted service or product to your clients, and if they buy it, you get a commission from the sale.  The client doesn’t pay any more for the product so they will be getting the same deal whether they buy through you, or buy direct.

Being an affiliate is an easy way to quickly add products and services to your offerings without having to do everything yourself.  You can provide your clients with a fuller service and ensure the products they use are good quality.

Whilst you can offer pretty much anything as an affiliate, don’t promote anything you have no experience of.  It could harm your reputation if a client has a bad experience with something you have recommended.

If you have specific products or services you love and use, and you know it will benefit your client, investigate how you can offer them as an affiliate.

Most affiliate transactions take place online.  You have a link which sends the visitor to an offer.  If they buy, you will make a commission from it.  It is an effective strategy to add income to your business, especially if you have a big audience.

If you’re promoting physical products as an affiliate, you don’t carry any stock as the company selling is responsible for that.  You purely receive a commission on the sale that was made based on your recommendation.

Finding a supplier

The companies you work with can be giants like Amazon where you can promote any product on their website to your clients.  Or you could find a small micro business who only has a tiny selection of very specialised products which are a perfect fit for your clients.

If you have a company in mind, check their website for details of affiliate schemes which are often be found in the footer section.  If not, contact them to find out if they have a scheme or are willing to discuss one.

For transparency, always make sure people know you are an affiliate for products and services you are recommending.

Retailing complementary products

If you have the budget, you could purchase selected products at wholesale prices and sell them to your clients.  This could be having products on display at your clinic or in a shop on your website.  You would make your money from the profit of selling the product.

Retailing is a good option if you have space or only have a few specific items.  You’ll have to store and manage the stock but it’s a good way of adding value.

For example, a nutritionist could sell cookbooks and supplements, or a yoga instructor could sell floor mats and journals.

Your professional body may have a list of recommended suppliers to help you get started.

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