Stop Pushing and Start Helping

If you’re frustrated with marketing and not getting results, it could be you’ve been unknowingly focussing your efforts on the smallest available audience.  This is where you announce your existence and availability with messages like “book now”, or “one space available tomorrow”.  This type of marketing is called ‘push marketing’ and will only resonate with those who are actively looking for a solution to their problem.

The reality is, your marketing will only speak to 3% of your prospective clients.  It also means you will be competing with every other practitioner who can help them too.  Marketing in this way means there is a huge pool of potential clients you’re missing the opportunity to connect with.

why create helpful marketing

The 3% rule

If you consider your potential group of ideal clients, they are divided into five different segments, depending on how ready and willing they are, to work with you.

1.  3% ready and willing – these are the people who are actively looking for your services and are ready to book

2.  7% intend to change – these are the people who recognise they have a problem and are receptive to ideas

3.  30% are not ready for your services – these are the people who may know they have a problem, but they are not ready right now, they have other priorities

4.  30% do not need your services

5.  30% are not interested

Accept the bottom 30% will never be your clients but there is a huge opportunity with the other segments.

Push marketing

The top 3% are those who will respond to marketing that is aimed at them deciding now.  You may even find a well-timed offer could attract the next 7% and help them make a decision sooner.

It’s only when people are ready to buy that they want to be sold to.

Pull marketing

You need a different marketing strategy for the next 60% of potential clients.  Pull marketing is about creating lots of value.  I like to call it ‘helpful marketing’ and it’s where building relationships and connection with your marketing activities resides.  This is where you build sustainability for your business by helping people first and once they are ready to make a decision to work with someone, you’re first in line.

Helpful marketing is a perfect strategy for a complementary practitioner.  It fits brilliantly with the ethos of wanting to help people.  It will also limit the sales conversations you need as people will approach you rather.

By focussing most of your marketing resources here, you will be building your marketing assets and authority

Benefits of helpful marketing

About 5 years ago, I created a series of 50 podcasts with a colleague.  They are still available, and they still attract clients to my practice today.  They did take work to create but they have continued to support people and when they are ready, they contact me.

why create helpful marketingThink about what helpful marketing can you create for the larger audience.  What information can you share today which will be really useful and help them to get to know you?

If you struggle to create helpful marketing, contact me for a chat to find out how I can help you.

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