How to Stop Information Overload

I love learning, my favourite method of consumption at the moment is podcasts, they provide me with an education on the go, whilst ironing or driving, I find inspiration.

The danger of this consumption starts when you reach with information overload.  This is the feeling you get, when you spend your time researching and learning the next new thing or trying to keep up with all the things you ‘think’ you should know.

stop information overload

One of the comments I often hear from practitioners and therapists, especially around marketing their business is, they are scared of missing out on something they ‘should’ be doing – the next big shiny object.

This leads them into a spiral of procrastination, not knowing where to start and worrying they will miss out if they are not on high alert.  The bigger problem is, they never actually get started before something else catches their eye and drags their attention in another direction.

It’s time to stop the information overload of constant consumption and research, and start to move forward.

Stop the comparisons

It is likely you are being way too hard on yourself – comparing yourself to someone who has been doing something for much longer than you.  You measure up their well-crafted offerings next to your beginner efforts – they will never be the same.  And not forgetting, they have their own style and yours is developing.  Read more about the comparison trap here.

Allocating time

Build time into your week for reading and researching, absolutely, but limit it.  Make sure you also build in time to take action and make progress in your business – this is what will move you forward.

Limit your ‘To-Do’ list

Don’t have one long to-do list that not only has your priorities and tasks but includes all of your ideas of those lovely big shiny things that you want to do.  Use your To-Do list to keep track of those things that you want to focus on, and are taking action on.

Capture ideas

Keep all of your amazing ideas in a separate, safe place so you can refer to them when you are ready.  Buy a lovely notebook, create a list in Evernote or Word or put them all in a box – whichever your choice of keeping, your ideas will be there safe, and waiting for you.

Just in time learning

Get into the habit of learning the things that you need, to enable you, to take action right now.  I do this through the books I read, picking topics that will help me with the tasks in hand.

If you are constantly trying to learn the things that are 4 steps ahead of you, it will leave you feeling totally overwhelmed. You won’t be able to use the information you are taking on board anyway.

By learning just what you need to right now, you will not only have the head space to do the task in hand, but you will be calmer, more productive and ultimately, you will achieve more.

Appreciate your achievements

This will help you grow in confidence and appreciate how far you have come.  Give yourself time each day to appreciate what you have done.

I like to imagine if I was to do X every day for the next 4 weeks, just how much I accomplish.  This really helps me focus and see where I am now as just part of the journey.

You don’t need more information; you need to take action.

If this is a topic you struggle with, contact me to find out how I can help you.

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