Starting a Morning Routine

starting a morning routine

I noticed the topic of ‘starting a morning routine’ appearing everywhere. I got interested enough to buy a book ‘The Miracle Morning’ by Hal Elrod.  Although, I admit that it sat on my shelf for about a year before I actually picked it up and read it.

On my journeys to and from London, I catch up with my library of podcasts.  The morning routine seemed to be featuring heavily with the guests on the shows.  I decided to dust the book off and give it a read!

I was intrigued!  So, I committed to give the 30 day challenge a go.  I wanted to see what difference it made to me.  As of today, I am on day 224 so, I feel that’s an indication that I’m enjoying my routine!

I don’t agree with every aspect of the book, especially around the amount of sleep you require.  There are however some real gems that I have found incredibly useful and really enjoy practicing.  I’ve taken the structure and personalised it to my own style which has probably helped me stick with it.

So my routine starts once I have got ready and fed the animals.  I grab a cup of coffee and settle down in a comfy chair with my books and phone (I use the timer or I would probably fall asleep) and the next hour is just for me.

I realise I have the benefit of not having a young family and can easily take some quiet time.  If this isn’t possible for you, think about how you could carve out a little time in your day, just for you.


I start with a few minutes of meditation.  I’m no expert on this topic, but it is lovely to just sit in silence and focus on my breathing.

Self Coaching

This could also be classed as doing affirmations – whatever works for you.

I have written a little script that I read to myself.  This reinforces my vision and goals for different areas of my life such as relationships, health and work.  This is very much work in progress, but it does help to focus me on where I want my life to go.


I spend a few minutes setting myself up for a great day.  I also visualise my future, achieving my goals and dreams both personally and professionally.


I keep this section contained to what will fit on the page of an A5 diary.  Maybe I haven’t found the benefit of ‘free writing’ or ‘morning pages’ yet, but I feel I have to start work at some point.  I do use my diary to reflect on what I achieved the previous day, things I’m grateful for, my focus for the day ahead, an update on any big goals and anything else that comes to mind.


I was never an avid reader and as a child would do anything to avoid it.  It’s a miracle I passed my English Literature exam!!!  As an adult, reading tended to be for study, or on holiday, and that was pretty much it.

As part of my morning routine, I spend 15 minutes reading each morning and I am hooked!  I have read some amazing books, usually on marketing or personal development which I am sure doesn’t come as any surprise.  I am learning so much and enjoying the process.


This is Bella’s favourite part of my routine.  She gets her morning walk and I get exercise and fresh air.  It is a great way to relax before work starts for the day.

Benefits From My Morning Routine

I love taking the time to develop myself in different ways before the day kicks in.  It feels really special and indulgent, and it sets me up for a great day.  I also know myself and if I was to leave this routine till later, it wouldn’t happen!  With this, I go into my day having already taken time out for myself.

I wish I could say it solved all the challenges in life, it hasn’t!  However, I feel calm and grounded and can flow through my day easily.  My legs are definitely stronger from the hills around here and I feel fitter.  I have taken inspiration from my learning to enhance my business and my work as a practitioner.  I also feel I have improved my ability to focus on projects and I am certainly more productive overall.

If this sounds good to you, give a morning routine a go!  I’d love to hear what is working for you, contact me and let me know.