Setting up a Stand to Market a Complementary Practice

A stand is a great way to build your profile locally and introduce your services to potential clients.  It can be very low cost and because it’s in person, you get to meet and talk to lots of potential clients.  It’s a brilliant way to market your services!

setting up a stand to market your complementary practice

Where to have a stand

You can’t just set up stand anywhere without permission, but you can be creative in terms of where you do.  Look out for where other small businesses and charities have stands and approach the venue to find out how you can book a stand there too.  Local shows, artisan markets, craft fairs, open days, conferences etc. can offer good opportunities.  Look for anywhere your favourite clients are likely to be and go there.

One of my clients recently discovered a big supermarket likes to support local small businesses.  She was able to secure a stand in the entrance lobby where she could chat with people and invite them along to a talk she was doing locally.

Make your stand, stand out

When you’re in a busy environment, you need to make your stand visible to attract attention.  Try and find out where your stand will be and what is provided by the venue.  This way you can ensure you bring along anything else you need.

A plain table can be easily dressed using a tablecloth (a single sheet or throw will also work just as well) in your brand colours.

Add height and interest with items that have relevance to your discipline.  If you have the time and budget, have pull-up roller banners created – these can be used over, and over again.  If not, look at what you have available and be creative using plants, displays of products, models etc., anything that will catch people’s eye.

You are your brand

As a practitioner, you are your brand.  Wear something that makes you feel good, fits with your colours and branding and the sort of item you wear for work.  There’s no point wearing a suit if you never wear one while you work.

Set a goal

Rather than just booking a stand and rocking up to see what happens, have a goal in mind.  If you know what you want to achieve from your stand, you’ll be able to focus your efforts and get the most from it.

Have a simple, clear message

Being able to simply articulate who you help and what you help them achieve will help visitors to understand what you do.  Repeating the message consistently on your stand, in your leaflets, business cards and through your discussions will help you to be remembered.  My article on crafting your message will help you here.

Have information to give away

Make sure you have information you can give to people that includes how they can contact you.  Business cards are a good option but consider creating leaflets including useful tips for your ideal clients which are valuable for your visitors to keep.  See this post on writing your leaflet

Collect contact details

Have a way of collecting people’s contact details to either get back to them with requested information and/or add them to your email list (with permission).

This can be as simple as having a notebook, create an email sign up form or have an iPad or tablet where people can sign up directly for your emails.

Market your stand

As you’ll be available to talk, those already in your audience may want to come and meet you too.  Share where you’ll be on social media and talk about it locally to help spread the word.  It’ll help the event organisers attract attention and build your profile as someone they would like to invite again.

Reflect and refine

Once you’ve done your stand, reflect on what you learned and create a checklist for your next stand.  This will save you a lot of time and effort in the future.

If you want to create a stand for your business, contact me for a chat to find out how I can help.

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