Reset for Success

…and find more clients in 2021


Are you a therapist, coach or holistic health professional who is struggling to find clients?

Or maybe you’ve invested years and thousands of pounds and still struggle to make a living as a practitioner?

Perhaps you’re having to subsidise your business with other income?

Or it could be you’re floundering and thinking of throwing it all in and finding a “proper” job.

If any of this sounds familiar, would you love to go into 2021 knowing how to find clients in a way that feels ethical?

Join my 8-week practical programme and be guided and supported to create the foundations for a sustainable, thriving practice.

reset for success programme

You’ll learn how to…

I’ll guide you to create your marketing and make sales in a way that feels ethical and filled with integrity.  You’ll finish the programme with your personalised plan to find clients and make 2021 a success.

Here’s what we’ll cover:

Setting you up for success – getting clear on  your vision for your business and making sure you have the capacity and confidence to achieve it

Getting clear on who you help and how – being able to articulate this clearly will revolutionise your marketing and how you connect with potential clients.

Money and pricing – dealing with any money mindset issues you have and understanding how to price your services so you can pay yourself.

Products and services – reviewing what you offer and understanding how you can package them to provide value to your clients and sustainability for your business.

Client journey – understanding how your clients progress to working with you and how to make them offers in a way that doesn’t feel sleazy.

Finding clients – identifying who is ready to work with you and the marketing you need to do to connect with them.

Picking the right marketing activities – dealing with any fears around getting visible and identifying the activities that suit you and your available resources.

Setting your plans for 2021 – creating your overview for next year and setting your plans in motion.



“Although I’m not new to marketing concepts, applying them to your own practice requires a very different skillset from following the corporate leads. No wonder that after qualifying in 2017 I was still adrift with my vision and niche before joining the program. Actually doing the very practical homework allowed me to streamline my thinking and identify my personal “modus operandi” as a herbalist. Within several weeks I have been able to create a basic website and set up social media accounts to deliver a newly formulated message to the potential audience. The new message in the first two weeks garnered me several new patients and I was added to the panel of experts in the HUB related to my niche.”  Inna Duckworth, Medical Herbalist

After just one session with Helen, I not only felt more clear and positive about my business but saw quick and tangible results! We talked through my immediate challenge which was getting some new clients ASAP and Helen gave me some strategies which were easy to implement.  The result is that I’ve had 3 new clients book packages and with more enquires still coming in.  Kate Hogan, Well-being Coach & Therapist


Can I do a discovery call before booking Reset for Success?

Discovery calls are for those interested in my 1:1 programmes.  They are to find out whether we are a good fit to work together on a 1:1 basis.  I’m happy to answer your questions by email if you have any.

What if I can’t make all the live sessions?

Every session will be recorded and that along with the workbook will be available in the Facebook group within 24 hours (tech permitting).  If you miss one, you can easily catch up and post any questions you have in the group.

How long will I have access to the programme materials?

The Facebook group will be open for another 4-weeks following the course to give you extra time if you need it to work through the materials and get feedback.

Can I bring a colleague?

The programme is for individual practitioners.  Your colleagues are welcome to purchase a place of their own if you want to work through the material together.

What if I need to cancel?

You have 7 days to cancel if you change your mind about the programme unless it has already started.  Once the programme commences, there will be no refunds provided as I won’t be able to offer your place to someone else.

What kind of results can I expect from the programme?

If you do the work between the sessions and take the recommended action, you will have a plan in place to find clients the foundations of a sustainable business. Ultimately, I can give you the strategies but it’s up to you to make it happen.

Got another question? Contact me or email me: