Researching Your Clients

One of the easiest ways to ensure your marketing connects with people, is by listening to your existing clients. By really understanding their dreams, hopes, struggles, fears and how they feel, you can tailor your marketing, to show how you can help them, in a way they just get.

Language is an incredibly powerful tool and can make or break your marketing efforts. It’s the architecture of how we think, express ourselves and communicate. By tapping into the specific words your clients use, you can communicate with them at a personal level.

researching your clients

If you help people with performance anxiety, would someone who feels sick when they’re about to give a presentation realise you can help them? Instead, if you ask: “do you feel sick when you stand up to give a presentation?” They absolutely know you understand how they feel.

Not everyone will use exactly the same phrases, but you will see common threads if you speak with enough clients (speak with at least ten people). You can then start weaving these phrases into your marketing.

Knowing how your favourite clients describe where they feel stuck and what help they need is priceless.  It will allow you to use their words to attract more clients, just like them. Imagine how great your practice will be when it’s full of your favourite people!

I make a habit of chatting to clients (and potential clients) regularly to find out where they feel stuck in their marketing. Even if I can’t help, I can often point them in the right direction.

How to research your clients

Reach out to your clients (or people who represent your ideal client group) and ask if they are willing to spare you 15 minutes for a chat as you’re doing some research into their needs. This call (I use Skype but phone works just as well) is about listening, understanding their issues, and copying their language, not coaching them.

I find it easiest to create a simple template and fill it in as I go. It helps to keep me on track and focus on writing down the answers I’m given, word for word.  Click here for a client research call template.

Always start with a warm welcome and set the scene for the call.

We have 15 minutes and I have a few questions to ask you. I’m working on some new ideas and want to understand how best I can help you. Please share your thoughts and feelings about the topic.

• What are your biggest challenges with (your topic)?
• If you could fix these (challenges – list from the first question), how different would life be?
• What have you already tried to fix them?
• What format would your ideal solution be delivered in? (1:1, small groups, phone, online, self-study, posted monthly?)

Thank you!

What next?

Go through the answers and highlight phrases that come up again and again. These are the exact words and phrases you want to incorporate into your marketing and help potential clients understand exactly how you can help them.

You may also find among the answers, ideas for you to develop new products and services from.

If you need help researching your clients, contact me to find out how I can help you.