Create your personalised plan for 2022 to keep up your marketing momentum and attract clients all year

10:00 - 17:00 GMT Saturday 8 January 2022


Are you a therapist, coach or healer and struggling with marketing yourself?

Maybe you procrastinate about your marketing because you don’t know where to start?

Perhaps you’ve tried to market yourself before, but nothing seems to work?

Or it could be you don’t have the time or energy to think about marketing, so you avoid it.

Does any of this sound familiar? Would you love to start 2022 with a personalised plan that’s easy to follow?

Join me for one day and learn how to market yourself in a way that’s right for you. We’ll cover where you need to start with your marketing so you can attract the right clients quickly.

I’ll help you identify the right marketing activities for your business based on you, your values, your strengths, and your available resources.

You’ll create your personalised plan to keep you focussed for the rest of the year, so you know where to direct your efforts.

The day will be practical and interactive with a comprehensive workbook/planner to complete which will guide you through the rest of the year.

Places are limited to 8 so you’ll get personal feedback and the opportunity to connect with like-minded practitioners and support each other.

During this workshop, we’ll cover:

  • Reflect on the last year and understand where you are now, in your business
  • Setting your vision for your business
  • Creating your goals for the year ahead (including the scary money ones)
  • Understanding your marketing superpowers
  • Picking your marketing activities based on the time you have available
  • Create your overview plan for 2022 that works with your personal and work commitments
  • Create a 90-day action plan (the first quarter of the year) that you can implement
  • Know how to review and update your action plan for the remaining three-quarters of 2022
  • Q&A session

You’ll finish the day with your personalised plan and knowing what you need to do to shine in 2022.

Your workshop includes:

  • Preparation suggestions and questions to get you thinking and help you to make the most of the day
  • A live, 1-day workshop on Zoom, where I’ll guide you through the process step by step, so it feels manageable and answer your questions as we go
  • The opportunity to connect with like-minded practitioners
  • Comprehensive workbook/planner for you to complete during the day, and with space to continue your planning throughout 2022

Date and times:

  • Saturday 8 January 2022
  • 10am - 5pm GMT


Your investment: £147


Who this day is for...

Practitioners who want to be guided through the process of planning out 2022 so they know where to focus their marketing efforts to find clients and thrive.

Practitioners who recognise the importance of having a plan and are committed to taking the action required.

Who this day is NOT for...

Practitioners who want a quick fix and aren't prepared to take action on their plan to make it happen.

Practitioners who aren't sure who their clients are or what services they offer yet. You need to have your basic marketing foundations in place first and you'll benefit most from working with me one-to-one - book a discovery call with me and let's chat about your options.


Mālā Rose, Medical Herbalist

Helen’s course was very insightful and valuable. It highlighted all the areas where I was stuck and through worksheets and visioning I was able to unstick myself and move forward in many positive ways that I hadn’t previously thought about.

Helen is a down to earth, experienced and insightful marketer and trainer. Her methodical approach with step by step guidance has transformed my marketing, the way I look at my market and how I operate. It is an ethical approach to bring success to your business and would highly recommend her as a teacher and guide.

Thank you, Helen, for your teachings that I continue to implement.

Kate Parker, Medical Herbalist

I attended a workshop given by Helen at the NIMH conference and came away really inspired. She tailored her conversation to herbalists and gave us tools to take away and implement without any extra learning.

This I put into practice and I have reaped the benefits. She suggested how to reach out to current patients and off the back of doing this, 4 patients rebooked with me immediately.

Feeling inspired by what Helen taught and my immediate success with it and how she ran her workshop, I signed up to her Marketing Masterclass and came away from this organised, with the fear of marketing gone and a comprehensive action plan tailored for me.

Kathy Bishop, Medical Herbalist

I was clear on what I was offering and my value, but I was having trouble knowing how best to reach the people I can help.

I knew I needed to work with someone to take me to the next step and after researching my options and hearing Helen speak, I felt she was best placed to help me. 

In our session, she was able to pinpoint the areas that needed up-levelling and put a work plan together that I was able to action easily.

I enjoyed working with Helen for the simplicity and clarity she brings. Successful marketing doesn’t need to be complicated, but it needs to be manageable by the sole person in your business: You. And that’s her sweet spot! I’m looking forward to seeing the results!