Optimism and Positive Thinking Aren’t Enough

To Build a Successful CAM Business

It’s scary how many complementary practitioners and therapists, especially when first qualified rely on pure optimism to get their businesses going.  They start out feeling positive, often setting their intentions with the Universe, and wait for the magic to happen. And nothing!  Before long they are floundering and not sure what to do next.

Whilst I absolutely believe in the Law of Attraction, you can’t just put positive vibes out to the world and sit back and wait for things to happen.  You must demonstrate you’re serious about what you want with the action you take.

Optimism and Positive Thinking are not Enough

Positive thinking can create unrealistic expectations and if you rely on this alone, you will be left feeling upset when things don’t go right.  It won’t take much from you to change from being an optimist to a pessimist.

Future focussed

Being optimistic about your future will help keep you motivated but blind faith has problems of its own.  The belief that once you succeed everything will be okay and you will be happy will stop you from being present.  You are relying on something in the future to bring you happiness rather than fully participating in the journey.

When you achieve the goals you are working to, there’s always something else on the horizon.  Where is the place where there is nothing to worry about?  Unfortunately, you don’t achieve something, and instantly your life and business are perfect.

Reality check

Optimism and Positive Thinking are not EnoughSometimes we all need a reality check to make sure we are doing the right things.  Being able to objectively view what is going on will help you prepare for any challenges you may encounter whilst building your business.

The things we value come at a cost whether that’s time, hard work or financial.  They don’t come just because you want them to, without taking the necessary action to make them happen.

Being realistic will help you to navigate the challenges as they come up and see the opportunities that arise.  They may be hard at times but at least you will be ready for them rather than be caught napping.

Resilient self-coaching

The journey we are all on in our business will help us to become strong and resilient.  Part of the journey is finding out what we are made of and capable of.  Building a business is the biggest personal development challenge ever and it will bring out every fear you have.

Listen in on what you are saying to yourself.  Rather than just switching any negative thoughts to positive ones, start coaching yourself to build your resilience.  For example, tell yourself you can and will do this, that you deserve to be a successful practitioner.

Starting to use more empowering sentences to help you to navigate the worries and build your resilience.

Take action

How much do you want to achieve your ambitions for your business?  Use positive thinking and your imagination to create a clear picture of what you want to achieve.  Then create your own plan of action, decide what your first step is and take it now!  Celebrate every step you take, and you will soon be moving forward in your business.

Positive thinking is part of the recipe for success.  You must, however, take the required action and build your resilience along the way.

If you’re struggling in your business, contact me for a chat to find out how I can help you build a thriving practice.