Marketing With Handwritten Cards

It feels amazing when your clients rave about how you helped them and the results they achieved.  It’s even better to know someone was so impressed, they took the time to recommend you to their family and friends.

Whilst saying thank you with a discount or setting up a referral scheme can work, I would start with something much simpler.  A handwritten note on a pretty card won’t break the bank and will help you nurture your relationship with your client.

marketing with handwritten cards

Why a handwritten card?

A simple handwritten card is unexpected in today’s online world.  Everything is fast, automated and lacks the personal touch that you get from receiving an actual envelope through the post.  There is something special about having a card you can actually hold, feel and look at.  I still prefer books over eBooks, there is no competition!

A card will help you to surprise your client and will mean more than a quick email or text ever will.  It’s because you have taken time to write to them, it shows you care.  How would you feel if you received a personal note from someone you respect?

Sending a card is a great way of marketing to your existing clients without being salesy or pushy.

Card Design

You can send a card for a number of reasons: thank you, how are you, saw this and thought of you, birthday, anniversary of their last visit to you, etc., basically anything relevant to your relationship with your client.  Remember this is a personal message and not a sales pitch but do include your full name and a way to contact you.

Your card can be tailored to suit your brand and your discipline.  The choices are endless and only limited by your imagination, time and budget.  A few ideas include:

Sending a card will be a fraction of the cost of offering discounts or giving vouchers.  The value comes from the time and thought put into them and that’s what makes all the difference.

As a footnote, for the purpose of confidentiality, never thank a client for recommending a named person as you will be breaking data protection legislation.

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