Marketing Alignment

Are you just starting out with your health and well-being business, or you’ve been going a while and can’t understand why it’s not working?

Would you like to learn how to find clients and build a sustainable business you’re proud of?

Join my 12-week, one-to-one programme and be guided through the process of creating a viable wellness business based on you, and the people you help.

marketing for holistic businesses

You’ll learn how to:

We’ll develop your personalised marketing approach based on your values, strengths and available time and resources.  Marketing can be fun, and I can’t wait to help you discover this for yourself.

What’s included:

Your investment is just: £750.00

If you’d prefer to pay in 3 instalments of £275 – please contact me.


Step 1

Book your place – schedule a time that suits you to start your journey, complete the short survey and pay for your programme

Step 2

Preparing for the programme – You’ll receive my guide on making the most from the programme.  I’ll review your survey answers and do any research needed in advance of our first meeting.

Step 3

Our first call – we’ll get clear on your goals for the programme and this session, investigate the options available to you, answer your questions and create your personalised plan of action.  At the end of the call, we’ll book the next session in our diaries.

Step 4

Follow up email – I’ll send you an email with notes from our call, your action points, links to the recording and any recommended resources.

Step 5

We’ll be in touch by email to keep you accountable, and for you to receive help and support between our calls as required.



Can I do a discovery call before booking the programme?

I’m happy to have a call with you before you book your programme – please book a convenient time here.

Why should I use a coach-mentor?

Having someone who understands first-hand how to build and market a health and well-being business will save you time and energy.  Your learning curve will be shorter, you will focus on the right tasks and you will only be investing in the things that are right for your business.

Is this just following a blueprint?

‘Blueprints’ and ‘cookie-cutter’ approaches may work for the designer, but they won’t take into consideration your individual situation, skills, resources or values, so you’ll probably find they’re just not a good fit for you.  This programme is about creating your own personalised recipe to suit you, and the clients you want to help.

What if I can’t find a date to suit me?

Dates are usually open for the following 4 weeks but if you don’t see a time that suits you then contact me as I may be able to make space in my diary to accommodate you.

What kind of results can I expect from the programme?

If you take the action we agree on during each session, you should achieve your goals. I can guide you and give you the strategies, but you have to put in the work to make it happen.


Got another question? Contact me or email me: