Making Content Creation Simple

Creating content for your business can easily become overwhelming and is something many practitioners struggle with.  By keeping your content creation as simple as possible, you’re more likely to be consistent with it, and that’s where the marketing superpower is.

Content marketing includes your blog posts, videos, podcasts, live video on social media, infographics, etc.  Basically, anything you create that is then published and distributed online.

Now more than ever before, it’s time to start creating content online.  Especially if you’re serious about providing online services and products to your clients.

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Why do practitioners struggle with content creation?

Often practitioners see their peers creating all sorts of content from amazing graphics on Instagram, to articles on LinkedIn.  They then see others showing up live on Facebook or being a guest on podcasts.  The pressure they put on themselves to do everything quickly turns into overwhelm and they don’t do anything.

Many practitioners just don’t have a clear idea of where to start when it comes to creating their content.  They try and do it in an ad-hoc way but this doesn’t lead to clients for the majority.  You need to be more strategic about what you do.

Others stress about what they ‘should’ be doing and then sit staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration.  They then find themselves procrastinating and wasting hours on their favourite avoidance habit such as scrolling through social media or having a good clear out.

Consistency is Queen

queen chess pieceThis is another key area that practitioners struggle with, they will start off brilliantly and before long, they get too busy and have missed 4-weeks of posting regular content.  They get frustrated, promise to get back on track, and then another month has gone, so they give up.

Consistency may be boring to many people but it’s the difference between success and failure when it comes to content creation.  The other benefit of doing something consistently is you’ll get better and faster the more you do it.

When I first started blogging consistently 5 years ago, it was a painful experience.  I’d struggle, procrastinate and it could take me days to get a post up.  And to be honest, the early posts aren’t great.

But, without going through that pain I wouldn’t have gotten to where I am today.  I can have my blog drafted in 30-minutes ready for editing.  In a day I can produce a blog, my podcast (including editing), social media posts and artwork for the week.  I have gotten into the habit where I make it happen – I’ve made a commitment to myself and my audience.

I have learnt how to speed up the process and I’m going to be sharing them with you in my new masterclass ‘Content Creation Made Simple’.

Content is an asset

Creating consistent content will create an amazing asset for your business.  It will give you a library of information you can use to answer your clients’ questions or pull it together to create products and courses. As well as helping you to be found online and build your credibility as an expert.

I turned my blog posts into the draft of my book ‘Your Holistic Business Recipe’ and I’ve used them to create numerous things from talks to workbooks, and to provide support to clients.

Who is ‘Content Creation Made Simple’ for?

content creation masterclassIt’s for you if you’re a therapist, coach or healer and feel overwhelmed when it comes to creating blogs, newsletters, social media posts or any other content marketing.  You want to step up your content creation but you’re struggling to get going or to show up consistently.

What we’ll cover in the masterclass

You’ll finish the session with your personalised plan ready to start creating regular, consistent content in 2021.

Your masterclass includes

All this is for just £27.

If you’re serious about making 2021 a success and you’re doing more business online, my masterclass is for you and when this blog goes live, it’s happening next week – Tuesday 24th November at 6pm GMT.  Don’t worry if you can’t make it live, there will be a replay!

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