Make Your Marketing Fun

Fun is good for you!  It reduces stress, increases your creativity and if you enjoy something, you’re more likely to do it!  That’s why I’m suggesting turning your marketing into more of a fun activity.

make marketing fun

Many complementary practitioners think of marketing as some sort of dark art.  It has a reputation of being salesy or pushy.  The get rich quick strategies or one size fits all blueprints are not right for most practitioners.  Many of these formulas won’t sit well with your values, let alone your idea of fun.

Marketing based around sharing and being helpful is perfect for complementary practitioners.  Modern marketing is about connecting with people, empathy and building relationships.  The best marketing will connect you with your favourite clients in a way you both enjoy.

“Marketing is really just about sharing your passion” Michael Hyatt

Favourite marketing?

Think of all the different types of marketing you experience in your day.  Which campaigns make you stop and think?  How do you like to consume marketing of your favourite brands?

I love podcasts and listen to them when I’m driving.  You may prefer reading, or watching videos, or infographics, there many, many different options.

How you like to consume marketing will give you ideas for what you could create for your clients.

“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing” Tom Fishbourne

What’s fun for you?

What are your passions away from work?  Do you love to cook?  Do you love walks in nature?  Are you a social animal or do you love spending time alone?  What are your passions?  What lights you up?  Note down all the things you love doing.

What are your strengths?

How do you best communicate with people?  Do you prefer face to face, are you a writer or do you love to speak?  Are you a performer or an artist?

What are the things you’re really good at and find the easiest to do?

These give you more clues to the types of marketing you could create for your practice.   The easier your marketing is for you, the more likely you are to be consistent with it.

See my article on working to your strengths for more ideas. 

Create your individual marketing recipe

Now take your different ingredients of communication strengths, the things you find easy and are fun and look for the options you have available to create your marketing from.  By identifying marketing opportunities that combine these elements, you’ll be making your marketing fun.

A practitioner friend of mine is also an amazing calligrapher.  She produces the most beautiful quotes for her social media accounts.  It’s something she finds fun and is easy to do and provides her potential clients with inspirational works of art and a window into her world.

Keep things simple

Focus on something you’re good at and start doing it consistently.  You’re far more likely to keep something up when you’re enjoying it.  You’ll bet better results and connect with people when you allow your personality to shine through.  Do your chosen strategy well before moving onto the next thing and make sure you give it an opportunity to work.

See your marketing as planting seeds, you have to nurture them to help them grow.  It’s a long-term strategy to create a thriving sustainable practice on your terms.  Having fun shouldn’t be the opposite of marketing, it should be part of it!