Lightning Process – London & Online

Helen Harding Lightning ProcessIf you’re feeling stuck in your health and life and no matter what you do, you still aren’t getting the results you want, the Lightning Process could be the answer.

The Lightning Process considers health and wellbeing in a completely different way to most other options available to you.  I will teach you how you can use the science behind the brain and body connection to positively influence your health and life.

You’ve probably tried everything and no matter how positive, dedicated and committed you are, you still aren’t achieving the results you want.  It’s time to do something different and the Lightning Process could be the solution for you.

What is the Lightning Process?

Lightning Process LondonThe Lightning Process is a practical training programme which teaches you how you can influence your life and health.  We look at how and why you got stuck in certain areas and importantly what you can do to change this.

You will learn how to…
…identify the patterns and symptoms that are keeping you stuck
…spot when these unconscious patterns are running
…pause the unhelpful patterns
…have a choice over how you feel and operate
…replace them with healthy, life-enhancing patterns and feelings

Phil Parker’s Simple Explanation of the Lightning Process

If you would like to learn the Lightning Process with me, I work exclusively at Phil Parker’s Head Office Clinic, in London and online.  I run a monthly training and will guide and support throughout every stage of your journey through the Process.

For full details of the Lightning Process, my practitioner bio and to book your place on a course, visit:


Suzi’s feedback about the Lightning Process Online

Lilly’s feedback…

Following the seminar

“Arriving at the Lightning Process seminar in London I was filled with all kinds of emotions including excitement, hope and apprehension.  However, on meeting my practitioner I was immediately put at ease.  Helen is the kindest and most joyful person I have ever met and you know that she believes you can accomplish anything”

9 months later

In a few days, I am going on a 2-week trek to Langtang National Park where I will be climbing a peak to nearly 4500m. And then I am doing Everest Base Camp via another pass apparently more challenging. So gives me lots of opportunities to practice the Lightning Process and more challenges to overcome! I am very much enjoying seeing what I can now achieve. I still can’t thank you enough for teaching me the Lightning Process. You enabled me to gain my life back and so much more. I did not have the confidence to do this before I was ill but now with the Lightning Process as ammunition to overcome the most difficult situations. I feel invincible!! 

2 years later

“I just thought I would tell you that I got 75% for my first year at uni!  If it wasn’t for the Lightning Process and having you as my coach there is no way I would have gone to uni yet alone achieved a first!  Thank you so much!”