Learn by Creating Helpful Marketing

Marketing is something many complementary practitioners try and avoid at all costs.  How about using marketing help you improve your skills and knowledge as a practitioner?

The key is finding topics which assist you to become a better practitioner, ideally work towards your Continual Professional Development (CPD) submissions and will be of interest to your clients.  You then re-purpose that knowledge into helpful content for your audience.  This helps you to cement your learning and demonstrate your breadth of knowledge to anyone who interested in your services.

learning with helpful marketing

I remember as a newly qualified practitioner I didn’t read anything for quite some time.  I’d gotten tired of the information overload from years of studying.  The idea of reading yet another personal development book just didn’t appeal.

Fast forward a couple of years and needing to step up my marketing to build my practice, I looked for inspiration.  I started reading again and my thirst for knowledge came back.  Not only did the books fuel marketing ideas, but they’ve also been a great source of development for me as a practitioner.

Whilst my original training was robust, the research and learning I’ve done since have developed my knowledge and skills hugely.  I now have an internal library of research, stories and techniques I can weave into my client sessions, enhancing the work we do.

Being able to take something I’ve researched and written about it in my own words, really helps me to cement my learning.  It’s how I used to revise for my exams as a kid and I still find it the best way for me to retain information.

Find your topics

What are the questions you frequently get asked?  These are a great starting point for you to read and research around.  They will be topics of interest to clients and your potential clients too.  To really stand out, what you produce must be useful so answering questions is a great way to do this.

Keep a note in one central place of ideas as you go.  You’ll start to find inspiration in different places and if you want more ideas, check out my blog on this here.

Educate your clients

Creating helpful marketing content is a great way to educate your clients.  It will also be a great source of support for them.  As you build up a library of materials, you will be able to use it to answer many of the questions that come your way.

Smart marketing is all about being helpful which fits perfectly for you as a practitioner.   When you create helpful marketing, you will become known for it with your audience.  Then when they are ready to invest in the type of service you provide; your name will be at the top of the list.

Acknowledge the source

If a post you write was totally inspired by a particular book or other work, make sure you reference it.  This doesn’t take away from your piece but instead, shows you’re well read and its good practice to give credit where credit’s due.


Learning topics related to what you do will give you new ways to help your clients.  I’ve found I’m a much better practitioner since I got learning and re-purposing what I learn both into my client sessions and my marketing.

If you struggle with your marketing, contact me and find out how I can help you.

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