Know What’s Being Said About You Online

A big reason for marketing your practice, is to make yourself visible so your potential clients will discover you.  This can be very scary for some practitioners, there is a lot of fear around putting themselves out there.  It can feel a very vulnerable place to be.

The internet, with its ability to share information in seconds, has created a whole new level of worry for some.  What if things are said about me, or my practice, or my profession, and I don’t know about it?  How can I respond to, or protect myself from something I don’t know?

Some may feel ignorance is bliss but I don’t go with this version.  I’d rather be forewarned, so I can respond appropriately if required.

know what's being said about you online


If you are concerned about what is being published on the internet, there is an easy way to find out.  A brilliantly simple and free resource from Google called Google Alerts.  It will monitor the internet for you and let you know when something you are interested in, is found.

It only takes a few seconds to complete the simple online form where you identify your search query.  So, for example, I have one set up for my name ‘Helen Harding’ and another for my business ‘Garlen Complementary’.

Next you select the rest of your search criteria from a few dropdown menus.  These provide information such as the geographical region you want covered and how often you want to receive updates.  Add in your email address and click ‘create alert’ and it’s done.

Google Alerts will then email you to let you know when anything that matches your query, is published in their results.

Many of the alerts I get I can just delete.  Apparently, there is a jockey called ‘Helen Harding’ too, but at least I know the system works for when I do need it.

Some other uses of Google Alerts could be:

Take advantage of this free resource for yourself by clicking this link:, or Google ‘Google alerts’ and set up yours now!

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