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CAM Institutes and associationsSupporting your students and members is your priority and offering training opportunities that enhance their development to create thriving practitioners is key.

Having interviewed practitioners and therapists from many different disciplines, there are common themes as to why they struggle to get their businesses running, fail to reach their full potential or even stop practicing altogether.

why dont practitioners succeed

Do you want to complement the professional training and services that you provide with key business and marketing skills?

Do you want to provide your students and members with robust and effective training on how to build and grow their practice?

Do you want to provide additional income opportunities for your establishment?

Our workshops and seminars provide you with the opportunity to enhance your current offerings with the additional skills practitioners require to be successful in their chosen field.

By personally understanding the challenges a practitioner meets when marketing themselves, I have advised tutors within private, further and higher education environments.  Based on my experience, I have developed business, specialist marketing and confidence resources specifically for health and well-being professionals.

The training can be tailored to meet your organisations requirements.  Provision of the training is flexible and can include workshops, seminars, conferences and online training to suit your needs and budget.

Practitioners that are thriving and making a success of their chosen profession will naturally advertise the benefits of your establishment to the next generation of practitioners.

Contact me to find out how I can support your members and students.

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 What was your biggest takeaway?

How do you now feel about starting and running your business?

Grow Your Complementary Practice, Your Way!

One size doesn't fit all and the best way to thrive as a practitioner, is to nurture a business based around your strengths and the people you help.

Learn how to grow your health and well-being business on your terms.

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