How to Understand Your Client Experience

Whatever the service or results you offer your clients, you’re also selling an experience.  It’s someone’s experience with you that gets shared whether they decide to work with you, or not.  These experiences add up and are constantly communicating.  It’s important to understand how you appear to the people you want to work with.  You need to ensure every interaction with you and your business is as good as possible.

how to understand your client experience

Before anyone makes a decision to work with you, they will have experienced ‘you’ numerous times.  It used to be estimated at 7 interactions but with today’s online world, it can be 15+ interactions before someone becomes a client.

People get to know you first, then like you before they trust you to work with them.  This is especially important when you’re working in health and wellbeing.

Map the client journey

Plot out your client journey and note down all the points where someone interacts with you.  Start with the beginning when someone first discovers you and review all the different touch points as you go.  Review them and ensure they are all consistent in terms of the message they share, the images you use and the look of them.

The process of working with you

How do your clients book in for your services?  Is there a smooth process they follow that’s easy to understand and navigate?

The processes and systems you have in your practice will have a big effect on how professional you appear.  How often have you been put off working with someone because they didn’t call back or do what they promised?  You need to ensure the systems you have in place are robust and clients know what to do and when.

Test out the experience for yourself

Do what you can to test the client experience for yourself (or you could ask a trusted friend to do it).  Look at the way you communicate with people and try out the different systems to see how it feels to be a potential client of yours.  This will help you understand how smoothly things flow and where simplifications can be made.

Be consistent and keep it simple

Consistency is key to helping clients make the decision to work with you.  If they get a clear sense of who you are from your marketing interactions it will help build trust.  Providing a simple process that’s easy to navigate will encourage clients to work with you.

Make sure you do everything possible to carry through on your promises.  If for any reason you can’t, ensure you communicate what’s going on clearly.

Exceed expectations

Where possible exceed people expectations.  This doesn’t have to be loud and brash, the small things are often the things that make the difference.  Quality of service and small details will help you to stand out and this customer experience review will help you to identify where you can add value to your clients.

If you need help with your client experience review, contact me for a chat.

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