How to Review Your Year as a Complementary Practitioner

As we hurtle towards the end of the year, have you found yourself on the same merry-go-round in your business?  Did you spend all your time working in your business, and not on it?  Have you been repeating things that you swore you would change?

If so, it’s time to STOP, take stock and honestly reflect on this year.  Knowing how you’ve done this year will help you improve your results next year.  Keep a note of your thoughts so you can return to them and build on them.

how to review your year

What aspects of your work did you love?

Think about those things that really inspired you and put a great big smile on your face.  What left you feeling really good about yourself and the work you do?  It’s important to recognise and reward yourself for a job well done.  Take time to remember these and re-connect with why you do, what you do.

Which bits did you hate?

We all have certain tasks that we have to do in our business but would much rather avoid – I call them ‘necessary evils’.  Write these down so you can look at them in black and white.  Consider exactly what you don’t like about these jobs – is it your lack of confidence or knowledge?  Are you just not into administration?

By clearly identifying your sticking points, you’ll be able to address them for next year.

What ran like clockwork?

Where did everything work seamlessly?  Maybe it’s your system for booking appointments, social media posts – anything where it just works as it should.

List the things that worked well and use them to create a model of how you did them.  You can then take the ‘how’ and apply it in other areas to get those working brilliantly too.

What was a complete chore?

Different from the bits you hate doing, there are some things you find a chore and monotonous, but do anyway.  Identifying these things will give you opportunities for finding better ways of doing them next year whether that’s utilising technology or delegating them to others.

What areas of your business have you really struggled with?

Within your business, there will be things you really struggle with and these will zap a huge amount of your time and energy.

Over the years I’ve struggled with having enough time to do everything.  Juggling working as a practitioner alongside building my marketing business has had its challenges.  By recognising this and looking for solutions, I’ve managed to free myself up and become more productive with it.  I started by auditing what I do, a bit like I’m suggesting here.  I then dropped the things which weren’t working or priorities, learnt to focus and implemented systems to keep everything running smoothly.

Your struggles may be the same or different so instead of keeping on struggling along, work out what they are.  You will then be able to create solutions to free you up and save you energy.

Are you earning enough?

Money is always an interesting one!  Some practitioners are happy to earn a fair wage whereas others shy away at the mention of the word ‘money’.

How do you feel about money?  Are you happy to receive money in return for your services?  Are you happy to ask for payment?

You need to earn enough money so that you can live, pay your bills and invest in yourself, your future and your business.

Get wise to the money you’re making and know your figures.  This is critical in understanding how viable your business is and whether it has a future.  You will also know if you have the funds to invest in support, software or training to help you grow.

These articles will help you here:

What marketing activities did you do?

List out all the marketing activities you’ve done over the last year and how often you did them.  Make a note of which ones worked and bought new clients to your door and which ones didn’t.

Marketing isn’t rocket science.  Identify what worked and do more of that and stop doing the things that didn’t work, freeing up your precious time and resources.

List your marketing assets, for example, do you have a website and an email list?  Do you have information packs, business cards and leaflets?  You can then repurpose them for different uses, meaning you won’t have to start from scratch each time.

Where do you need support in your business?

Do you need a receptionist to take care of bookings and to greet clients?  Do you need administration support?  Do you need technical support for IT, marketing or finance?  These are the areas that if delegated, will free you up to do more of what you love and less of what you’re getting bogged down with.


We’re creatures of habit and can easily find ourselves operating on autopilot.  Taking the time to review your business will help you make the necessary changes to thrive next year.

If you’re struggling with this, contact me to find out how I can help you review last year and get you thriving next year.

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