How to Raise Your Local Profile

It is important to build your profile locally if you want a thriving practice in your community.  Connecting with local people and getting your face known will help to build your profile and grow your business.

how to raise your local profile

There are ways you can do this both online and offline, but you need to start with a clear marketing message.  Whilst building your local profile is not about pushing your practice, you want people to associate you with what you do.

Just saying I’m a medical herbalist, or acupuncturist, or nutritionist, will go over people’s heads.  They need to understand who you help and with what, so you don’t get lost in the sea of information.  This article will help you create your message.

Community events

Your local community will have different sorts of events you can get involved in.  This could be school fairs, charity events, the Women’s Institute, clubs, sports teams, mum and baby groups, summer fairs, craft clubs, community gardens – the list is endless.  Ideally, you’re looking for communities of people who could be your favourite client.  Anything that is to do with your community is worth considering though, as it is about building your local profile.

Depending on the type of event, get onto the radar of the organisers by offering your services, or a prize for their competition.  Even if you are taking tickets on the door, you can speak to people, so they start to get to know your face.

These events are not about selling, they are about raising your profile within your community.  It is building your local network as a member of the community and for being supportive of them. It is the local community who will bring clients to your door so get creative.

Whilst you are at the events, whilst it isn’t about selling, always have business cards and a way of collecting people’s details so you can contact them if it’s appropriate.

Provide helpful information

If you identify a support group or club where you can really provide help for their members (who are your favourite clients), offer your services to run a talk.  If they aren’t set up for talks, you could create a leaflet or video for their members providing tips using your expertise.  Again, this isn’t about selling, it is about helping.  You reuse the information for other clubs, enquiries or as a sign-up gift to build your email list.

Online groups

Look for local online groups to join where your favourite clients hang out.  It could be around their issues, their hobbies and interests, or just about the local community as a whole.  Start interacting with people in there so they get to know you.  Again, this is not about selling.  Many groups have strict guidelines so make sure you stick to the rules.  You may find that you’re allowed to promote things on certain days of the week.  Take advantage and share your services and events then.  The aim is to be super helpful to the members and to make sure they get to know you as a person and experience your support.

Local personality

Basically, if you want to build a thriving local business, you need to become a personality in the local area.  If you are intending to find your clients locally, roll your sleeves up and get involved with your community.

If you want to build your profile locally, contact me to find out how I can help you.