How to Name Your Complementary Business

Deciding how to name your business as a complementary practitioner isn’t always that simple.  There are often fears around the decision like ‘using my name will make me look small’ or ‘no one will want to pay for my services if they know it’s just me’.  There are also the beliefs that a business name will give you the appearance of being more professional, or established or bigger than you really are.

how to name your complementary business

When considering a name, start with the end in mind – what is your vision for your business?

Personal connection

As humans, we relate to other humans and connect our experiences to faces and names.  This is especially important when working in health and wellness, your relationship with your clients is based on you and the results they achieve from working with you.

In general, even if you create a brand, you need to be visible and your name needs to be linked to it.  You are the person your clients connect with and the person they trust.

Working under your name

Using your name is the simplest way to work.  You’re creating a business and a brand based on you and the services you offer your clients.  Creating a personal brand with your name will help you to be visible and stand out from the competition – there is only one you, you’re an original!  It will make it easier to work out what your brand stands for and develop your voice as you can concentrate on just being you.

Working under your name will help you to be flexible and make changes as your business progresses.  Many of us change niche and/or discipline as we go and changing the focus of your business is easier with a personal brand as you won’t have to start from scratch with websites etc.

When I started out, both as a practitioner and helping other practitioners, I used different brand names.  In hindsight, I was being hidden behind the brands I’d created.  I thought I was separating my work to make it clearer for clients when all I did was to make life complicated for myself.  Realising this, I changed over to a personal brand and it made everything so much simpler.  I accepted the different areas of my work are just different facets of who I am, and what I do, and that’s ok.

Creating a business name

Giving your business a name is a good way of making you appear larger than you really are.  It’s useful if you are partnering with other practitioners, or your vision is to build a business that is bigger than just you, especially if your plan is to eventually sell it.

To make the business attractive buyers, it needs to be able to run without you.  Therefore, distancing yourself from the business name is a good strategy.

Unless you are absolutely sure of your niche, avoid naming your business after it.  If you create a brand based on a niche and then change your mind, there will be a lot of work and expense to make the required changes.  For example, if you create a business around weight loss and call it ‘The Diet Coach’ but then decided you want to work with menopausal women, you’ll have to start from scratch with a lot of your marketing.

There is no right or wrong way to name your business, it is up to you.  Personally, if I were to start over again, I’d work on building my personal brand from the beginning.  It allows me the flexibility to grow and develop as it’s an extension of me.

If you need help with your business name, contact me and find out how I can help you.

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