How to Find Your Marketing Mojo

When you have your marketing mojo, your work just flows.  You’re generally in a great place and you’ll be attracting clients to your business.  If you lose your mojo, it will affect your confidence, your energy and ultimately your ability to be successful.

How is your marketing mojo right now?

If you feel stuck, run down or fatigued, it’s a good indication you’ve lost your mojo.  You’ll struggle to be productive or creative and feel stressed and overwhelmed at the tasks in hand.  Stress will massively affect your ability to think clearly and cleverly, to sleep well, digest food, have a great healing and immune system and generally be buoyant.

how to find your marketing mojo

Find calm

Increasing the amount of calm in your day will alleviate stress and is a great foundation for the return of your mojo.  This, in turn, will promote clarity, creativity, productivity, great sleep, improved digestion, and the list of benefits goes on.  Here are a few ways to bring more calm into your life:

Re-visit your goals and visualise success

Visualise being motivated to do your marketing and the success you will get from it.  Allow yourself to feel how amazing it will feel to achieve your goals for your business.  It’s a great way to inspire you to act on your marketing and take the steps required to succeed.

Get organised

Keep things simple and plan out the day ahead.  Select the two or three main tasks you want to achieve that day and focus on those.  Use a post-it-note for your job list to avoid the temptation of adding too many things.

Remove any distractions which get in the way of you being productive such as closing all social media, working in a café, turning your phone on aeroplane mode etc.

Make marketing fun

If you see marketing as boring, sleazy or anything else that isn’t useful, you’ll find it a complete chore.  Do what you can to make marketing fun and you are more likely to do it.  Read my article on making marketing fun here.

Celebrate your wins

Celebrate each small step you achieve (and the big ones) with your marketing.  Give yourself a metaphorical pat on the back for every new client, every blog written, sign-up for your email list etc.  Every win is another step towards creating a sustainable practice.


Strength comes from working together.  Make sure you have a great support network of people who believe in you, will help you and keep you accountable.  Find a business buddy, a coach, a mastermind group, an online community, Facebook group where you and other like-minded people support each other.  This way you have support when you feel your mojo is waning.

Be fabulous

how to find your marketing mojoYou are an amazing practitioner and you have so much to offer your clients and sometimes you need to remind yourself of this.  List down your strengths and qualities, why you are the best person to help your clients.  Keep a file of the feedback you’ve had from your clients to remember the great results you have helped them achieve.

If you’re struggling to find your marketing mojo, contact me for a chat to find out how I can help you.

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