How to do Less Marketing and Get Better Results

Do you feel pressured to keep doing everything and anything to market your complementary practice? You add more to the list of things you ‘should’ do because you’re assuming someone else is thriving using by different marketing activity.

I ran a workshop recently and amongst the participants, there were lots of different marketing strategies being utilised. Some practitioners were marketing themselves online with websites, videos, or social media, others did more offline marketing by running talks, or networking. Whilst there were loads of brilliant ideas, just because they worked for one practitioner, it doesn’t mean it’s right for another. And you certainly shouldn’t be trying to do them all.

How to do Less Marketing and Get Better Results

Less quantity, more quality

If you try and do everything, you will end up jumping from one thing to another without doing anything properly. This is called bright shiny marketing syndrome and will keep you stressed and stuck in the very same place you are in now.

It’s far better to do one marketing activity well before adding another. This will help you maximise the results of that activity and identify if it actually works. Once you find your flow with it, it will become easy and take less time and energy to a good job. It’s at this point you can add something else into the mix.

Pick your main marketing activity and commit to focussing on that for at least the next 3-6 months. This is where you will spend most of your marketing time. Get good at providing your clients and potential clients with amazing value through your chosen activity.

You can use other marketing strategies to promote your main activity but they are not your main focus. For example, I write blogs but I promote them on my email list and on social media.

Less frequent to be consistent

Whilst being consistent with marketing is key to it being successful, as one person, you can only be consistent with a limited number of things. Putting out consistent good quality marketing will help raise your profile and will help people to understand the value you provide.

You will also be training your potential clients when to expect to hear from you. If you write an article each week and people enjoy them, they will be looking out for them.

Even if you can only be consistent with an activity once a month, it’s best you commit to that. If you try to do more than you are able to deliver, you will fail after a week or two and before long, give up having not achieved anything.

Less sharing ‘just because’

We’ve all been guilty of blasting out information just because we think we must post something. It’s too easy, especially with social media to add to the noise. Unless your marketing has value for your favourite client, it will drift off into a black hole, never to be seen again.

It takes time and effort to post on social media so make sure everything you put out has a reason. Start with the simple filter of will it entertain, educate or inspire your favourite client? If not, don’t post it!

To help you decide what to share, have a list of topics you discuss within your brand. These will include things both related to the work you do, and things that are of interest to both your clients and you. For example, my topics include marketing, health and well-being, personal development, nature, and dogs.

Make sure every piece of your marketing adds value and serves a purpose in your business. Put your efforts into creating marketing that reinforces why clients work with you and help prospective ones know you are a good fit for them.

How to create an Amazing Slide PresentationLess general, more niche

If you are struggling to find clients, your marketing is probably too general and not appealing to anyone. Your marketing needs to connect you with people, so it needs to be very focussed and relatable in order to build relationships.

By knowing who your favourite clients are, you can create a simple marketing message to use consistently throughout your marketing. Again, one message rather than a jumble of different ones – less is more!

80/20 rule

If in doubt, think of the 80/20 rule. When it comes to your marketing, 80% of your success will come from just 20% of your efforts. It is far better to identify the 20% that is working and focus in on those activities. You are one person, use your time and energy wisely. This will help you streamline your marketing and leave time to do the things you love to do.

If you struggle with keeping your marketing simple for your complementary practice, contact me for a chat to find out how I can help you.

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