How to Deal with Resistance to Marketing

You know how it feels, you do some marketing for your complementary practice, therapy or coaching business and start to progress, and then comes the resistance.

You know you want to build a thriving practice and to do that, you have to market yourself.  But, it can feel like an uphill battle at times!

Resistance is just your subconscious way of trying to keep you safe and protected.  Our brains are wired to anticipate anything that may be uncomfortable and move us away from it.  Anything that pushes you outside of your comfort zone, will trigger fear and resistance.

Fear of the unknown, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of visibility, fear of any kind will make marketing your practice more challenging.  By accepting the situation is just your brain trying to keep you safe, you can address the resistance that’s occurring and move on.

how to deal with resistance to marketing

Recognise and address fears and concerns

Take some time out of your normal routine to think about fears you have around marketing yourself and being a successful practitioner.  Write them down as they come up and reflect on each one in turn.  Seeing them written down in black and white can be really freeing, especially when you realise exactly what it is that’s keeping you stuck.  It’s a great way to gain perspective.

Work on letting go of the fear using your preferred personal development technique or approach whether it’s NLP, EFT, journaling, talking to a friend, or meditating.  Do the work you need to, in order to feel calm and confident instead.

I write my fears down on separate pieces of paper and then I have a little ‘letting go’ ceremony where I burn the fears, replacing each one with a positive affirmation as I go.  I then use the affirmations in my morning routine to reinforce the new messages I’m sending myself.

Recognise your achievements

Take time each day to identify and celebrate your marketing and business achievements.  Write them down, or create a notice board (or Pinterest board) full of pictures to remind and reinforce what you’ve accomplished, and how far you’ve come.

I note down my achievements in my diary as I go and when I have my weekly call with my business buddy, we share and celebrate each other’s achievements.  It really helps me recognise the progress I’m making and helps to keep me motivated.

Practising gratitude is another great way to help keep your focus on the good things in life.  There are many ways to do this from simply thinking about things that you are grateful for when in the shower, to writing about them in your journal.

What do you want?

Use this question to get clarity over what you want to achieve in your business and marketing, and how that will feel to achieve it.  Be very descriptive and answer using positive language, avoid saying “I don’t want x, y, z”!  Create a metaphor (like a who or what) which represents what you want.

For example, I want to share my message generously in videos every week and shine confidently like a star.  This will give your brain absolute direction about what you want and an image of what represents that to you.

If you’re visual, collect images that represent your metaphors and surround yourself with them to constantly remind you of what you want to do and fee.

how to deal with resistance to marketingPlan of action

You know what you want to achieve, now create a plan of action for yourself that will help you realise it.  Break it down into small, manageable steps so you know exactly what you need to do to make it happen.   Knowing where to start and the step you need to take will lessen your resistance to marketing.

Now commit to taking action by booking time in your schedule for when you are going to do each step starting today!

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