How to Create Systems for Your Complementary Practice

We use different systems to help us organise our lives and time.   Whether it’s using your phone, diary, planner or inbox, the different systems help to keep you on top of things.

Whilst these different systems help navigate life, many practitioners don’t take advantage of using them to support their business.

How to Create Systems

Creating systems and automating tasks where possible will stop you from having to think too much about certain activities.  They will save you time and are crucial if you have people working with you or intend getting help in the future.

Working out what to systematise

There will be lots of different tasks that you repeat regularly that would benefit from a system.  Consider the following questions when working out where to start:

Where are your biggest frustrations?  If you have to keep doing something over and over, you could be bored and frustrated by the task.  There are also the tasks that don’t come naturally to you or you only do every now and then.  These are the ones you could find yourself procrastinating about and have to re-learn or think about them each time you do them.

What causes you the most stress?  For example, do you leave your accounts until the very last minute?  Having a simple system to keep on top of them would reduce your stress immensely?  What do you get stressed about doing in your business?  This could be a great opportunity to systematise something and help your health.

Where are you missing opportunities?  What are the places in your business where you miss out on opportunities to help it grow?  Do you follow up on enquiries?  Are you marketing your services?  Do you keep in touch with your existing clients regularly?

What can you stop doing?

We get so caught up in what we do routinely and the things we think we must do; we don’t recognise the things we could stop doing.

Review your list of frustrations and stressors, what things aren’t bringing value to your business. For example, are you spending hours marketing yourself on social media when you get your clients from referrals?

What elements can you automate?

Technology provides us with opportunities to automate many activities that once you had to do manually.  Look at your list of tasks and research what technology is available to you to automate it.  A few ideas are a calendar booking system, online payment systems, or having email templates and sequences set up.

Write the process down

Create a step by step process for each task so you have a checklist to follow in the future.   This will give you a reference document so the next time you do the job, you don’t have to think about what to do.  This process is also something you can pass onto a virtual assistant or bookkeeper if you decide you want to outsource the task.

Creating systems and processes may not be your idea of fun but think of all the extra time they will free up for you to do the things you love.

If you struggle to create systems and processes in your business, contact me for a chat to find out how I can help you.

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