How to Create Consistent Content – Fast

for Your Holistic Business

Creating content as part of your marketing strategy is critical if you want to work online.  It will build your website authority and help you to be discovered.  Sharing regular content will allow you to demonstrate your expertise as well as being helpful for your clients and prospective clients. It’s an asset to your business and gives you a library of information to use and repurpose.

Creating regular content was how I was able to get a book deal and provided the first draft of the copy.  Content has also helped me get speaking gigs and invited to run workshops for organisations as well as finding clients.

Procrastinating over creating content is a major sticking point for many practitioners.  There are simple ways to organise your content creation to speed up the process and help you be consistent.

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How to Create Consistent Content Fast

What is content marketing?

Content is the marketing you create, publish, and distribute online to share your information.  Online content includes blogs, videos, podcasts, live video, social media posts, graphics, emails etc.  If you’re serious about working online, you’ll have to create content.

Pick your content

Content is king, consistency is queenWhilst there are a lot of different types of content, you don’t have to do them all.  You’re one person and even attempting to do everything just won’t work.  Unless you have a team of people around you, you need to work to your strengths.

If you try and force yourself to create content in a format you hate, you simply won’t keep it up.  By creating content in a way you find easy, or fun, you’re more likely to be consistent.

Think about your communication strengths – are you a writer, a talker, do you love doing videos or creating graphics?  Decide how you best communicate with people and then look at creating content that works to those strengths.

Pick your main content platform where you’re going to be sharing content and work out how regularly you will do this.  Now make a commitment to yourself and book the time in your diary to create it.

Finding inspiration

Take 5-minutes to list down all the things your clients ask you.  There will be questions you answer regularly – people will also be searching for the answers online.  Create a habit of writing down questions you get asked and you’ll have a list of topics you could talk about.

Another great place to find regularly asked questions is in Facebook groups where your ideal clients hang out.  You can use the questions asked there for inspiration for your content.

Keep a record of content that inspires you and you think your clients would be interested in.  This can be in any format but it’s not about copying the content, it’s about using it to spark ideas and put your own spin on it.

Consider what’s happening in the world from the news to the different seasons and holidays for inspiration.  Awareness days are a great way of taking something and creating interesting content that links you to something of interest for a wider community.

Start with a little content plan

Don Draper quoteThis doesn’t have to be a huge plan.  Simply knowing what topics you’re going to be creating content on will stop you from staring at a blank page or screen.

Take a few minutes to map out what’s going to be happening in your business over the next few months.  Your content is there to support what you want to achieve in your business so make it meaningful and create content to support your offers.

Having a focus on what you want your content to achieve will help you to decide what topics to create.  For example, if you offer natural skincare products and it’s coming up to the summer, you could talk about how to prepare your skin for a summer holiday and sell products that relate to that.

Even if you offer the same thing all year round, consider the different times of the year and the different way you can communicate.  So, a nutritionist specialising in weight loss may talk about sticking to New Year’s resolutions, or how to drop a dress size and feel healthy for summer.

Now, list down 12 topics or titles for your content (or 6 if you’re doing one piece every other week).  Base them around the things you want to offer too, and your marketing will all start to work together.  You now have your ideas sorted for the next 3-months.

Speeding up the process

Knowing your topic and the platform you’re creating it for is a huge time saver.  The next thing is to create a quick draft – it doesn’t matter whether you’re writing, doing a live or recording a podcast, having an outline will help you create it efficiently.

Spend 5-minutes downloading everything – it doesn’t matter if it’s in the right order, just note down what you want to cover.  Then, re-order it so it flows and you now have the skeleton of your piece.

You can either use this as your talking points or flesh it out to create written pieces.

Creating regular content is part of having an online business.  If anyone is researching you, they want to get to know you and see that you’re an expert in your area.  Your content will help you demonstrate this.

Need help to get your content creation flowing?

content creation masterclassJoin my live masterclass on Tuesday 24th November at 6.30pm GMT where I will help you get your content sorted.

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