How Much Therapists and Counsellors Charge

One topic that many practitioners struggle with is what they should charge for their services.  Roger Elliot at put together a brilliant infographic based on a survey they did of of 334 practitioners from around the world and the results make very interesting reading…

The Cost of Being A Therapy Practitoner

Whether you like it or not, you need to make money in order to survive in this world.  It’s time to review what you are charging and make sure that you are making better informed decisions for future opportunities.

For some reason I am always surprised how few practitioners actually know their numbers so when reviewing your pricing strategy, consider these factors:

Know your costs

Understand what it actually costs you to run your business (your overheads) before you even start to see clients  such as CPD, insurance, professional bodies, professional services, your salary etc.

In addition to this, you need to know the cost per client (if applicable)  such as room rent if you pay by the hour.

Knowing what you want to earn

Understand how much your time is worth and give yourself a ‘per hour’ value.

When the next opportunity arises whether that is a talk or  an open day, make sure you factor in any time taken.  This could including preparation and travel as well as the time at the event itself to give you a total number of hours.

Multiply this by your hourly value in order to get the full cost of the opportunity.

Armed with this information, you can then decide if certain opportunities are a viable decision for your business.  Whether that is fully charging for your time or attracting enough new clients through the door to make your efforts worthwhile.

Your positioning

Remember there is a perceived value linked to price so what does your pricing say about you?  Are you bargain basement (does this say ‘good quality therapy’?) or are you positioning yourself as an expert?

Your value

The work you do has incredible value to your clients and this should be reflected in your price.  Know what the value of your sessions are to your client in terms of the outcome you provide for them.

The competition

Who is providing similar services or who can provide an alternative solution to your ideal client?  Know what they are charging as this will affect your pricing but do not use this as the only aspect to base your pricing decision on.

If you struggle with your pricing, please contact me to find out how I can help you.

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