3 ways to make your marketing more fun

We all love having fun! How we have fun is personal and something that’s fun for me could leave you running for the hills. Fun is also good for us – laughter is great medicine and a brilliant way to relieve stress. We all need more fun in our lives so how about we have more fun with our marketing too?

Sadly, when it comes to marketing, many practitioners don’t equate it with their idea of fun. If anything, it’s the total opposite. Marketing is more of a dark art than something to enjoy.

The more playful you can be with your marketing and the way you approach it, the better. You’re more likely to be consistent and show up in an authentic way because the marketing you do feels right.

When you enjoy creating the marketing you share, your clients will feel it. Marketing is all about building connection and relationships, so you want people to get to know you and your business.

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