Finding Your Flow

Life has thrown me a few lemons recently which have been governed by factors outside of my control with the harsh reality of an elderly, ill parent.  Whilst there were many things I couldn’t influence, I did have choices.  I could either fight everything and get completely overwhelmed, or I could get calm and flow through them.

Whilst there were times when things got a little bumpy at times, on the whole, I did OK and got through them calmly.

finding your flow

If you’re facing a challenging time, consider the following:

What’s essential?

Work out what things are essential and focus on those and only those.  For me it was an easy decision, my mum and my clients, everything else took the metaphoric back seat.  This gave me the clarity to do what I needed to and not get side tracked by everything that I ‘should’ be doing.  This also included leaving many of my marketing activities off the ‘to do’ list.

Let go!

Don’t allow yourself to think you can do everything – you’re only human!  Make peace with letting go of things and with them not being perfect.  I haven’t written an email to you for quite a while (apologies for that), or try to keep on top of all the chores.  As long we had food in the cupboard and clean clothes, it was fine.  No ‘domestic goddess’ in this house!

Another thing to let go of is the need to try and control everything.  The calmer you can be around things that are outside of your control, the better.  The key is to recognise what is within your power to influence and what you can’t change.

Claim some downtime!

This is so important as life gets busy.  Build in little pockets of time for yourself such as going for a walk, read a book, watch trashy TV, get creative – whatever you enjoy doing that allows you to re-charge.  My morning routine and walking Bella are my little pockets of downtime.

Get calm!

Take time to stop what you are doing and take a few deep breaths as this will help you to calm and centre yourself.  This great video by Max Strom will talk you through simple breathing exercises to help you calm.

Alternatively, you could do something like a guided meditation or mindfulness to help you calm.  There are plenty of apps and YouTube videos available, find one that suits you and do it.

Flow like water!

I love ‘be like water’ as a metaphor.  The idea that water will return to flow, whatever obstacle gets in its way, it will find a way round.

finding your flow

If you’re struggling to find your flow, contact me to find out how I can help you.