Finding Clients Quickly for your CAM Practice

When complementary practitioners need to find clients, they often focus their marketing efforts on the wrong strategies.  Many marketing activities take time to deliver results which won’t help if you need to fill your diary now.

These strategies are like planting seeds, you must nurture them and tend to them for them to grow, and blossom into anything worthwhile.  If you throw a few seeds in the ground, you may get lucky and get the odd flower, but you’re not going to get the prize display you want.

Many practitioners spend their time marketing themselves online and especially on social media.  Whilst you need to be creating this awareness, it will help your business to thrive in the long term, but it won’t find you, clients quickly.

Many social media posts are seen by people who don’t know you yet.  They are the least likely people to book an appointment to work with you next week.  They can take months to be confident you can help them, so they shouldn’t be your focus when you need speed.

finding clients quickly

Hot leads

These are the group of people most likely to work with you now.  They are the people you already have a relationship with and who already know, like and trust you.  This group include:

Existing clients are more likely to work with you and far easier to reach than trying to find new ones.  It is important you continue to nurture your relationship with existing clients as they will support your business growth.

If you’re in a position where you need clients now, reach out to them individually.  Personal connection is incredibly powerful whether it is in person, with a phone call, or email.  It does not have to be a sales pitch, just making contact for an update is a great way to remind people you are there to help them.

Anyone who has recently enquired about your services is also a hot lead.  They are showing an interest in you and what you do to reach out and find out if they have any questions.  Doing this will simply remind someone who is busy to book an appointment with you.  This article will help you make the most of client enquiries.

Personal connection is by far the quickest way to get clients.  Unfortunately, it is also the strategy most resisted by practitioners.  A great way to make this simpler is to build in a system where you follow up with clients or enquires automatically.   It can be as simple as making note after a period of time to find out how they are getting on and if appropriate, offer them help.  This article on word of mouth marketing will help you do this.

Warm leads

These are the people who already know you and engage with you at some level.  They may open your emails, or comment on your social media posts, but are yet to work with you.

These are the people you are building a relationship with and getting to know if you’re a good fit for each other.  They are likely to move towards working with you at some point in the future but not quite yet.  Continue to build a connection with this group through your marketing with videos, podcasts, open days, emails, social media, speaking or networking.

Cold leads

These people who are only just discovering you or don’t know you yet.  At this point, they aren’t aware of how you can help them.  As you can imagine, these are the people least likely to work with you right now so why is it most complementary practitioners spend all their marketing efforts here?

At this stage, your marketing is about building awareness and being helpful. You are introducing people to your world but they have to get to know you, so they are very early in their journey to work with you.

The types of marketing you are likely to do to build awareness are social media posts, advertising, books, content marketing, speaking, guest blogging or being interviewed.

finding clients quicklyHot lead list

If you need clients quickly, make a list of people who are your hot leads.  Who have you been working with recently?  Which clients may want other complementary services you offer or additional appointments?  Who has enquired recently about your services?

If you need help focusing your marketing efforts, contact me for a chat today.

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