Finding Clarity

Working as a coach and a complementary practitioner, I spend my life helping others find clarity in their life and business.  I used to think I had the skills to keep my own life and business on track and know where I was heading, but I was wrong.  When things get busy, I can miss the obvious and I need an external voice of reason to provide the necessary feedback.

finding clarity

I’ve been on autopilot much of the last year.  Life, as it does, had thrown me some challenges and I had my head down, working hard to keep on top of everything.  I admit I was wearing the busy badge of honour!

If I was working with me, I would have been handing out some pretty tough love!  Luckily, I have a great support network and people who are not afraid to deliver the occasional prod in the right direction when needed.

Work-life balance

A practitioner friend was telling me about a new coaching system she’d been working with.  Which involved a set of cards with different words printed on them.  She asked me to think of a challenge or issue I was facing.  I then looked through the cards to decide if they were relevant, or if I needed more or less of the thing.

What started as intrigue ended up in a hard reality check.  As I worked my way through the cards, a pattern started to form.  Some of the cards I selected as wanting more of included work-life balance, creativity, priorities, support, self-belief and space.

Looking at what I’d picked and after some discussion, the realisation I was so focused on doing, I’d completely neglected my need to be creative which is how I recharge.  I didn’t feature anywhere on my priority list other than to do my physio on my knee – how scary is that???

Nourishing yourself

If you’ve been running at full pelt recently, are you at the top of your priority list?  Do you build in time to do the things that bring you joy?  If you don’t you could easily end up tired out and feeling broken.

A simple step you can take is to make a list of the things that bring you joy which you can do in just 15 minutes.  They can be as simple as dancing around to a favourite song, taking the dog for a walk, phoning a friend, meditation or getting out into nature.  This way you have a quick way of recharging if you need it.

We worked out I needed to build little pockets of peace into my day doing short meditations.  I’m also building in more playtime with the dogs and exploring different ways of being creative – away from the computer.

What can you do from your list to recharge through the day?


finding clarityMy second reality check came from my business buddy on our weekly call.  Whilst I pride myself with being organised and getting stuff done, I was finding myself easily side-tracked.  My current project is getting near completion and my inner perfectionist is certainly testing my resolve.  I started telling my buddy all about a new workshop I was planning with a friend.  She quickly questioned whether I was planning new and exciting projects to avoid finishing my current one.  Ouch!

She reminded me I had more pressing deadlines and this was not my priority at this time.  It’s happened to me in the past where I’d sabotaged a project because it wasn’t ‘good enough’, letting perfection win.  It was good to have someone call me out before I dropped the ball.

Get an external opinion

Sometimes we don’t see the glaringly obvious things that are staring us in the face.  It takes an outsider to gently prompt us to take the action we need to get things back into flow.  As practitioners and healers, we spend so much of our time and energy making sure everyone else is okay, we can end up neglecting ourselves.

This is where you need your community of supporters.  It can be a business buddy, a mastermind group, a coach or a peer who will help keep you on track.  You will be amazed how often you have the answers, you just needed to stop for long enough to listen.  Having someone to talk through your thoughts will stop you from going around in circles and start to move forward again.

finding clarityIf you’re struggling to find clarity in your business, contact me for a free discovery call and find out how I can help you.